What Ever Happened to Self-Control

We used to get amused at the antics and zany actions portrayed in movies such as, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. But that was in the days when grownups generally behaved as grownups and displayed, for the most part, a high degree of self-control. And when they didn’t they were looked at as being completely daft or acting like wild, undisciplined children which struck us as being so bizarre that it was actually Continue Reading →

Why Be (or Continue to Be) Catholic? | Crisis Magazine

A great article by Rev. James V. Schall, S.J. JUNE 19, 2018 REV. JAMES V. SCHALL, S.J. On a recent book review TV interview program called Q/A, Ross Douthat, author of To Change the Church, was asked about his own beliefs. He responded quite frankly that he was a Catholic. When asked why, Douthat replied that, as far as he could see, a divine intervention did take place in this world around the time and Continue Reading →

Whatever Happened to the Jesuits, the nuns, the priests and the world at large?

I think that if you look at the way the ‘updating’ as required by Vatican II proceeded it is rather instructional. Psychologists like Carl Rogers and Wm. Coulson got involved and almost single handedly destroyed the Jesuits and the nuns. Their ideas still permeate  the Church and much of the world as well; especially in sex education. Priests and nuns do not seem to find any sin in following their own ‘lights’ of conscience and Continue Reading →

Is Bergoglio encouraging us to live in a near occasion of sin?

  “Occasions of sin are external circumstances–whether of things or persons–which either because of their special nature or because of the frailty common to humanity or peculiar to some individual, incite or entice one to sin.” __ New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia: http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/11196a.htm Catholics have long been warned to avoid near occasions of sin by our Church. And for very obvious and good reasons. Note that as an external circumstance, living in close contact to a Continue Reading →

Thinking the Unthinkable and Noodling the Un-noodle-able

Any Catholic with only a smattering of Catholic teaching knows the four marks of the Church that Christ founded; as we find in the creeds and repeat every Sunday. Those four marks are, of course, that Christ’s Church is One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. It is to the last of these four marks that I would like to turn my attention. An Apostolic Church regards the handing down through Holy Orders the powers that Christ Continue Reading →

A Parish Reconstruction Project

My parish is trying to raise a huge amount of money for a reconstruction project to fix the numerous problems with our parish; things from electrical, air conditioning, water damage, and design issues. It is amazing to see the amount of time and effort going into this project. We have all been requested repeatedly to ‘pledge’ a monthly gift for the next 3 years in order to get this problem solved. I just want to Continue Reading →