Trial by Virtue

Along the lines of my last post, I would like to point out a simple truth of the spiritual life, for those who may not already know this little rule of thumb. If you are trying to gain a particular virtue, you will be tried in that virtue. How else will you know if your prayer has been answered and you have gained the virtue in question? For instance, if we desire faith, we will Continue Reading →

A Prayer for Guidance

…and a word of caution. Writing a Catholic blog can be perilous especially for one who has taken as his apostolate, the responsibility for guiding new converts in the faith. On the one hand, you want to make sure they have been given a solid understanding of all the teachings of the faith and have grounded them in the traditions of the Church and on the other hand you want to make sure that you Continue Reading →

Building a Culture of Religious Freedom « Public Discourse

Building a Culture of Religious Freedom « Public Discourse. A rather lengthy address (but worth the time to read) given by Archbishop Chaput concerning the sad state of present day America and the relationship of the Catholic Church and all Christians to today’s society.

L’Osservatore Romano attacks the Gates’ – Vatican Insider

L’Osservatore Romano attacks the Gates’ – Vatican Insider. At least Melinda Gates is getting some push-back from Rome as is Nestle Corporation who is trying to get rich on the backs of the poor or from the donations that are provided from the U.N. and other philanthopic groups. When it comes to so-called Catholics that are involved in campaigns that deny the teachings of the Church: when will the Bishops excommunicate or at the very Continue Reading →

A Roman Catholic Affirmation of Personal Faith

A Roman Catholic Affirmation of Personal Faith. I wish that all our Bishops would require a similar profession of faith for anyone who teaches, or acts in a role of representation for our Church. I wonder if Melinda Gates, Nancy Pelosi or Joe Biden and many other Catholic pretenders to the faith would sign or attest to such a document. They might, just to keep their Catholic base happy. A profession of faith shouldn’t be necessary as Continue Reading →

Are Catholics Free to Dissent?

There seems to be many who are confused about the above question. Most of their bewilderment arises from a misunderstanding about what it means to be Catholic, what our Catholic freedom consists, and what teachings are considered definitive and which ones are merely matters of discipline and practice which are alterable. To become a Catholic, one must first study the Catholic Faith, including all of the major definitive teachings, profess agreement with those teachings, and Continue Reading →