Both Human and Divine

As Christians we are all aware of our Lord Jesus Christ being, fully human and fully divine; two natures in One Divine Person. As such, He is a prototype and the absolute Perfection of the Church and the Christian Soul. The Mystical Body of Christ (the Church more properly understood) is both a human and Divine institution and thereby, in essence, Christ among us. The Divine aspects of the Church are in constant tension with Continue Reading →

East – West: my unexpected path to the Catholic Faith

Eastern religions fascinated me, as they did for most of my peers during the 60’s hippy revolution. While it may have been a fad for most and kitschy for some others, it turned out to be the pathway that led me back to Christ. I was rather bored and put-off by pious talk and saw nothing of a radical spiritual change in the Christians that I had come to know. So I was rather enamored Continue Reading →