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The Next Step in the Sexual Revolution
David Carlin
June 20, 2016 | 5 comments

Activists in L.A. protest violence against transgender people in 2014.
Unless you’re a weatherman, it’s hazardous to predict the future. Nobody can say for sure who will win the World Series this year. And who can be sure which team will win the Super Bowl in 2017? You have to be at least a bit courageous to engage in predictions, because you may make a fool of yourself.

Well, understanding that I am at risk of revealing myself to be a fool, I am about to make a prediction regarding the next stage of the sexual revolution, the great moral revolution that began in the United States about 1960.

“But wait,” somebody may say. “Maybe there won’t be any next stage. Perhaps we’ve arrived at the final stage.”

New frontiers of sexual “freedom”

I don’t think so. The ultimate aim of the sexual revolution, I believe, has little to do with sex. The ultimate aim is the destruction of Christianity. Sexual freedom, which is inimical to Christianity, is simply a device for bringing this about. As long as Christians survive in any significant numbers, the sexual revolution will have to grow more and more radical, crazier and crazier.

Looking back over the last fifty or sixty years, we can see that the sexual revolution has fallen into a number of stages and substages. The first major stage had to do with heterosexual sex and its consequences. Its substages were social acceptance of:

1. Fornication
2. Unmarried cohabitation
3. Out-of-wedlock childbirth
4. Abortion

The second major stage has been the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transsexual (GLBT) stage, whose substages have been social acceptance of:

1. Homosexual conduct
2. Same-sex “marriage”
3. The current struggle for social acceptance of transgenderism

How will the struggle of this third substage turn out? If you had asked me a few months ago I would have said, “It will be decades, if ever, before the public endorses such an absurdity.” I would have been mistaken. Because the public seems ready to endorse it. So confident is President Obama of the public’s readiness to accept it that his administration has issued an dictatorial edict that all public schools in the country must give their endorsement to the transgender idea.

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