Trendy anti-Zionists are reawakening medieval hatred against Jews –

Graffiti in Beirut: anti-Semitism is rising not only in the Muslim world but also in Europe (AP Photo/Hassan Ammar)

by Howard Jacobson

posted Thursday, 23 Jun 2016

Anti-Semitism is still rife in society – some of it carefully concealed. Catholics must help to fight it

A number of Catholic friends of mine recall praying for my soul when they were children. Not my soul in particular, but the souls of Jews in general. No offence meant, but we would not get to heaven unless we repented of our perfidy and acknowledged Jesus Christ our Lord. This was before Nostra Aetate, promulgated by Pope Paul VI in 1965, which stated that Jews were no longer to be thought of as rejected by God. So I must presume that my Catholic friends’ children no longer pray for the souls of my children.There has been some theological coming and going on this matter since Nostra Aetate, but I take it that the Church’s official position today as regards Jews is the one stated by Pope Francis earlier this year, insisting on the “unique and particular bond” we share “in virtue of the Jewish roots of Christianity”, from which it follows that Jews and Christians must “consider themselves brothers, united in their God and a rich common spiritual patrimony”. Clearly, any expression of anti-Semitism, in whatever form, contravenes the spirit of that bond.

Source: Trendy anti-Zionists are reawakening medieval hatred against Jews –