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Did Jesus really rise from the dead?If you don’t know how to argue the resurrection of Christ, you need this book


Waiting for the Word

Taught by a Presbyterian professor of sainted patience, Virgil Rabe, I was the class atheist in his religion and philosophy courses.

My unbelief was not a sophomoric affectation, poking at the professor just for the fun of it (though there was some of that, sure). No, my contempt for religion and most of what went with it was real, a genuine disbelief. It was an intellectual choice. The stories, myths, doctrinal accretions, and dumbass moralist posturing of some Christians made no sense, not to me.Looking back, I know why. But don’t think I was happy about it. Well before college I had confronted wrenching, inexplicable death. I was angry with God, mostly because he did not exist. So, I was the class atheist. Was there any other choice?

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