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I am inundated with emails from people who just a few short years ago would have described their faith as strong, solid and even unshakable – people for whom the thought of ever, ever losing their faith or questioning or doubting in even the slightest way the Church, and even Our Lord Himself, specifically His love for us, was all but impossible. We’re talking daily Tridentine Mass-goers. Daily Rosary prayers. All because of the Bergoglian antipapacy.

First, realizing that Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio, S.J., known in his obedience as “Francis”, is, in fact, an antipope, and not the Vicar of Christ, is a tremendous consolation in and of itself. Thank God for Canon 188. Thank God for Archbishop Georg Ganswein spilling the beans on Pope Benedict’s ontological error with regards to the papacy at the Gregorian University in Rome a few weeks ago. As was pointed out to me by an entrenched Vatican employee earlier today, Ganswein, from a purely professional perspective, should have been fired immediately for the sheer obliviousness and stupidity of running his mouth as he did. My response is, what one person calls “obliviousness and stupidity”, I call “Divine Providence.”

But still the fact of the scandal of Bergoglio remains. Souls are being scandalized unto eternal damnation by this most wicked and malignant of antipopes, many of whom are the immediate family members – children and spouses – of the remnant faithful. Yes, yes, we can see that technically, legally, Bergoglio does not besmirch the papacy, and yet the damage his is doing is so profound that it will, in all likelihood, drive the Remnant Church into the catacombs. Why is Our Lord permitting this? Why doesn’t He rise up?

The answer lies in His Love and His Mercy.

Everyone agrees that the Bergoglian antipapcy is a scourge, a castigation. Rorate Caeli published a very widely-read piece on this very recently. I myself have been posting this famous quotation from St. John Eudes for YEARS, although in truncated form. Here is the full quote:

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