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From the greatest nation to the greatest frustration, we once again celebrate Independence Day, or as it is more popularly known, the Fourth of July.

Despite all of the corruption and blatant dishonesty from many of our nation’s so-called leaders, I am certain that we remain the greatest nation in the world. As to how long we can continue to make this claim, I don’t know.

Just in the past week we have once again seen how our great nation can do some not-so-great things.

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has once again sided with the abortion industry, almost as if there were some kind of reward for the SCOTUS to do so. In a 5-3 vote, the justices ruled that state lawmakers may not put an “undue burden” on women who seek an abortion and overturned a Texas law that would have closed three-fourths of the abortion clinics in that state.

If pro-abortion advocates truly cared about women, one would think that they would be in favor of ensuring that women had the safest and most medically sanitary conditions to carry out this deadly procedure.

Instead, we are now a nation which not only embraces abortion, but we do so without regard to medically appropriate conditions or the safety and health of women choosing to end their unborn children’s lives.

As Americans, we are constantly under threat here at home and abroad. From the womb to the tomb, we are shadowed by the specter of death and a materialistic culture which cares more about things than human lives.

Several times this week I’ve read and heard how our military is now at World War I levels. Under the Reagan administration, we had 600 warships where as now we are down to 200. Also today there are more armed bureaucrats in the IRS and other useless government institutions than there are armed military personnel.

Why is that? I’ll tell you precisely why we are in this awful predicament.

Our current commander-in-chief is someone who has demonstrated time and again how he sees our nation’s own citizens as a bigger threat than even Islamic terrorist extremist like ISIS.

His former head at the Department of Justice, Eric Holder, was as corrupt as Obama himself, and now with the Loretta Lynch at the helm, she is proving to be even worse than Holder was.

From the gun-running across the Mexican border that led to the death of one of our own border patrol agents, to the huge cover-up of the Hillary Clinton email scandal and the Benghazi failure, the Department of Justice must be renamed as the Department of Injustice.

From the top on down, this nation is in serious trouble

.And it’s just not the deceit and entitlement which Obama and his minions practice so openly and arrogantly; it’s also his social engineering that has fundamentally changed our nation as he promised to do when he was first elected.

Since when has it been our military’s priority to downsize our fleets of planes and ships and instead place men in drag in high-ranking positions? Is Obama completely out of his mind or can he truly be as evil as he seems?

Our public education system is one of the worst in the entire world when it comes to grade-point averages and graduation rates. Our young people in these institutions are dumber than ever and at the same time they are being brainwashed by the liberals and socialists who call themselves teachers.

The public school teachers — for the most part — are certainly teaching the youngsters all right, but what they are “teaching” them isn’t reading, writing, and arithmetic. These “teachers,” and I use the term very loosely, are indoctrinating kids into Obama’s social engineering and gender ideology.

Kids are being taught all about masturbation, same-sex attraction, and how to put condoms on cucumbers — and that’s just the grade-schoolers.

The founding fathers of our nation would be appalled and horrified to see what a circus President Obama has made of our nation. We are a laughingstock to the world and it is a complete miracle why some foreign power hasn’t nuked us yet.

China’s way of attacking us is through the incredible amount of debt we owe them. Then you have Chinese billionaires buying up real estate all across America.

I don’t mean to put a damper on your Fourth of July with all of this, but if anything, please reflect extra hard this month on what you are doing to stop our nation from completely being destroyed.

Have you actively spoken out against the tyranny and corruption at your local government and school board levels? When was the last time you wrote a commentary and submitted it to your local paper?

Speak up, because if you don’t, it will certainly be the Marxists and sexual libertines who will be doing all of the talking for us. It’s not as if they aren’t already doing so, but in order to shut them up and shut them down, we must have many more, and much louder, voices than they have.

This isn’t the time to sit things out, my friends. This is a time for a new revolution in . . . read more at the link below:

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