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When I called Dr. Ingo Dollinger on Pentecost Sunday of 2016 to confirm reports I had heard about his knowledge concerning the missing part of the Third Secret of Fatima, I had no idea what would follow. After my report on his answer, and the very surprising strong denial from the Vatican Press Office in this matter, the name of this wonderful priest began to be mentioned everywhere. My account of our conversation was translated into many languages, demonstrating that Dr. Dollinger’s witness was well received by many Catholics in the world.

After that initial contact, however, I also came to learn much more about him and the extraordinary blessings God has bestowed upon him during his whole life. This prompted me to begin undertaking the writing of a more detailed report about Dr. Dollinger himself, whom I discovered has lived a life both fascinating and inspiring to the Catholic heart. During the month of June, I was blessed to work with with Dr. Dollinger’s personal secretary – over the phone and via e-mail – in order to assemble more information about his life and work.

Originally, we intended to collaborate to write a little more about the questions regarding Fatima left unanswered following the response attributed to Pope Benedict. After the Vatican’s forceful denial of his story, however, Dr. Dollinger said the following, passed on to me in an e-mail from his secretary: “If Rome has denied it, then we have to be silent and not to defend ourselves.” As his secretary comments: “This is the typical and logical reaction of a faithful Son of the Church.”

Therefore, in the following recounting of Dr. Dollinger’s life, we will only lightly touch upon the matter of Fatima, quoting another source who has known Dr. Dollinger very well for many years and who remembers well how, in June of 2000, Dr. Dollinger came back from Rome and spoke about his conversation with Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger about Fatima.

The following report is not meant to be an historically well-researched and exact document. The circumstances have disallowed such an endeavor – due to Dr. Dollinger’s own failing health, as well as due to the current health problems of his secretary – and due to the geographic distance between him and the writer of this document. One might, rather, present this document as an oral history. The information for this life report comes from personal conversations with Dr. Dollinger; from a private publication about him that was published in 2011; from the memories of Dr. Dollinger’s personal secretary who has known him since 1970 and who has worked for him closely since the end of the 1970s; from some of the faithful who have known him for years; as well as from other external, public sources. Later, historical researchers will hopefully be able to write down Dr. Ingo Dollinger’s life in greater detail and with completeness. However, since Dr. Dollinger’s personal life is such an inspiration of grace, faith, wonder and beauty, we have considered it worthwhile to present it now to the public at this stage. In the following, some highlights of his life, Catholic witness, and work will be presented. We hope that it will give the readers as much joy and gratitude and love of God as it has already given us. Dr. Dollinger’s life, work, and experience is a wonderful example of God’s love for man, for His direct intervention into our lives and His Guidance and Challenge throughout our mortal life on earth.

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