There is Nothing Controversial About Ad Orientem Worship

It is integral to human nature: our focus is principally determined by what we are looking at. When we speak to others, we make eye contact. When we move from place to place, we point ourselves in that direction.Pilots face forward. Drivers too. Surgeons don’t stare at the back wall of an operating theater. I’ve yet to meet a cook who can make a meal with their back to the stove. Soldiers don’t march backwards. Writers stare at their screens (or if they’re old-school, their notepads.)

Taken to a deeper level, lovers gaze longingly at their beloved. When someone is in love, distractions disappear. Think of a bride and groom at a wedding. Gathered there are many of the most important people in the lives of the happy couple, and yet where is their attention focused? It is not a question of not loving those gathered to celebrate the wedding vows; it is a matter of prioritizing those who are making them. Their union, their sacrament…transcends. 


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