If you swear an Oath of Fidelity to TheFrancis, you must have your head down a rabbit hole like this, see?

Gloria TV says that an Oath of Fidelity is in the works. Fred thinks you’re nuts if you agree to do it.

Has Francis Changed the Meaning of Catholicism?

Catholic, of course as we all know, means Universal. It is the One, True Church period. It is the Church that was created by God Himself as the sole Church for the salvation of man and it is expected that all men ‘of good will’ might be incorporated into it and taught the precepts that might lead us to our salvation; if only we apply them faithfully and diligently. But it seems to this writer Continue Reading →

Francis-appointed cardinal: Pope could ‘name a woman cardinal’ | LifeSiteNews

Doug Mainwaring Thu Jan 11, 2018 – 10:58 am EST January 11, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – In the short span of three weeks, Cardinal Joseph Tobin has made startling statements regarding the role of women within the Catholic Church in a pair of interviews reported in high profile left-leaning publications – The New York Times (NYT) and Jesuit America Magazine. Nicholas Kristoff kicked off the NYT interview by zeroing in on a favorite term, “gender,” in Continue Reading →

Is there going to be an Oath of Fidelity to TheFrancis? Really?

Are we going to get a new FrancisMass that will be OK for Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox Christians? Is the Dictator Pope so worried about losing his fascistic grip on the priests, bishops and cardinals that he must come up with an Oath of Fidelity to himself? Sounds like pure narcissism and power brokering from TheFrancis. From the looks of it, we shall find out soon enough, though.   SOURCE: https://www.gloria.tv/video/kGu1mCie7GYQ6Q6qnBE3WtCDG