A New Mission for the Church: eliminate the poor, normalize sin, make friends with our enemies and to save the planet

It seems Pope Francis has given a New Mission for the Church. It is time to  flesh out what I feel this New Mission is and why it will certainly fail on its own but also fail in the  fulfillment of its True Mission; the salvation of souls.

Some of you may have noticed that I have put a new tagline in the site heading. I struggled to put into a few words what this site, and my reason for hosting this site, was all about; for I have often come close to giving up this endeavor and had to do a bit of soul-searching to finally end with the now present: “Documenting the moral collapse of Western Christian Society while the Holy Catholic Church focuses on situational ethics and Global politics”.

Yes, it is long and clumsy and does not give much detail concerning the problems that most Catholics are feeling and we all struggle to encapsulate these concerns in some short sentence which might give a new visitor or even a friend from our Church what my site is all about. In other words it is a sort of mission statement and it is very much related to what I see as a New Mission statement from the Catholic Church. It is a mission statement that is not so much the Church’s statement but the Pope’s and all those who fall in locked step with him out of fear for their career advancements or for the retribution they might face should they oppose him.

This then, finds a way of expressing itself as though it were an official Mission Statement written by a Church Council and stamped with the Pope’s full approval. He has managed to incorporate his desire to give the poor a status which, far more than simply helping them according to our abilities, but actually worshipping them as if they were God Himself. I am supposing that he is getting this from Jesus’ discourse on what you have done for the least of these you have done for Me.

But we can no more eliminate poverty and all of the suffering that it entails simply by wishing it away or giving them all our money. For there is not that equality in life; never was and never shall be. Just as we cannot eliminate those who are unintelligent, lazy, mentally unstable, sick, born with birth defects or into unfortunate circumstances and a host of other factors that play into the outcome of each individual born into this world. The poor will always be with us as will a host of other maladies as well. Had Christ had that in mind He could have changed the world by speaking but a Word. But he reminded us that this world is not heaven and that we can, and should make sacrifices, out of love for one another for love of Christ. That’s it. No government programs, no open borders, no preferential treatment, no egalitarianism just plain hard work and sacrifices from one soul to another. In this way the giver receives more than he gives and the receiver gets more than the material goods that he needs but also sees and perhaps feels the love of Christ; a love that perhaps he or she never before felt during their lifetime.

As with the above, a Mission to normalize sin by extending mercy where no mercy is desired and no retribution or desire to overcome their sins is not mercy at all. The justice is not ours in most cases anyway; for I can forgive a man who has done me a grievance but how can I forgive him for what he has done to another or to God? It would make logical sense that the offender must beg forgiveness and mercy from both and I am in no position to render a judgment though I am in a position to pray for his forgiveness and petition the victims, God and the Saints to have mercy on the offender’s soul. So coming up with rules that defy our teaching regarding Confession with an attendant contrition for our sins and firm purpose of amendment of our lives seems rather daft. If one is so stuck in their mortal sins that they cannot even bring themselves to stop these actions then how is he going to make a valid confession? How then does this person receive the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar without heaping sin upon sin? We are led to believe that they can do it because Pope Francis has told us so. But Pope Francis violates Church Law as well as teaching on the Sacraments and places practice in opposition to teaching. He has weakened both the pastoral counsel and the Sacraments by urging this ‘discernment’ and this ‘accompaniment’ that is so central to his interactions to the priests of this world.

Then, in this New Mission for the Church, we find a proclivity to appease our enemies. Not simply our personal enemies mind you but the enemies of our faith, our culture and who spread their errors throughout the world. We are to subject our Catholic peoples to murder, rape, beatings and the like in order to say that we have forgiven our enemies. It is such a spirit, that Pope Francis campaigns for normalization with the Lutherans (and praise Martin Luther) as well as the Islamic migration (better characterized as an invasion) into our once Christian countries who fought this battle before and had held them at bay for many centuries. All of this is unraveling for the whims of this Peronist from Argentina. Open borders are seemingly his shared dream with the Liberal, Socialist, George Soros. This can only end badly for the Church and for the nation states that are increasingly becoming intolerable to live in.

So it is apparent that at this moment we have rewritten the Mission for the Church in this world. For we have, unsuccessfully tried to tie political policies and socialist agendas into the salvation of souls. But we no longer have a mission to save souls from what we see. Our catechetical efforts have become increasingly inadequate, our sex education programs for the youth could be judged to be almost overtly pornographic as could the recent manger scene at the Vatican. Homoeroticism is everywhere and we have priests, bishops and cardinals who are avidly pushing this ‘alternative lifestyle’ (abhorrent perversions) on the people of God.

This should be enough to make us all feel shame and remorse for what has happened to the Church of our Fathers but it is not the whole of it. For the Church is also quite myopic concerning the saving of the planet; souls be damned but the planet must be saved from humans who are destroying it at the expense of the poor, of course. In this fight, the Church has enlisted new allies. Pro-abortionists, UN sustainability goals and all the jargon and propaganda that they can muster. Of course we are not to mind that the Church is working with men such as Jeffrey Sachs and his ilk for they have our best interest at heart . . . although their manner of fixing the planet involves reducing the population through contraception, abortion and euthanasia. And this, of course, will benefit the poor. There will be more food on the table and ostensibly there will no longer be a poor person left: probably because most of them will be dead, or will never have been born.

Welcome to the new world order!  And the Church, having opened its windows to the world during Vatican II, let the “smoke of Satan” enter in and now we find it difficult to see the Church for the smoke. God help us when nobody is looking to put out the fire but instead are either sitting idly by or madly fanning the flames.

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  1. John Larkin.

    “Pope Francis ” is not a valid Pope.
    Pope Benedicts alleged resignation remains defective and contrary to canon law.

    Therefore Pope Francis has no papal authority and is devoid of the normal special protection of the Holy Spirit that applies to all valid successors of St. Peter.

    Pope Benedict is exercising what is known as an ” Ausnamapontifikat” , in English a pontificate of Exception where all the normal rules have been suspended by the sovereign.


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