A Pact with the Devil: is the Catholic Hierarchy Embracing the Lies of the World while Rejecting the Truths of Christ

In Malachi Martin’s work of Faction, Windswept House, a genre of fiction based in fact, the reader is shocked from the start of his story with a sickening scene depicting a Satanic Mass, which Consecrated the Church of Christ to Satan.  Purportedly, it was simultaneously celebrated in both SC and the Vatican. Whether true or not, although I have a personal friend who questioned Malachi concerning this event, and to which he assured her was absolute fact, it serves as an apt analogy of what has seemed to be a quick descent from the heavenly heights of Catholicism at the turn of the 20th century to the depths of hades which seems all too obvious in our present day.

Simply put, we can rattle off a stream of events that have occurred over these many years since Malachi’s best seller which must leave one at least a little bit skeptical about the “spirit” leading the Modern Church of the 21st century. Do any of us think that the “Holy Ghost” is the wind of change that has swept us so far afield from the Church of our fathers and established Church of Christ Himself? Or is there another “spirit” that is active in Church? And though that spirit always resisted the Church over the ages, primarily from without, rarely has this spirit had so much sway and “legitimacy” as it finds within our Church today. The biggest change is that this “evil spirit” is no longer an outside influence but seems to have infiltrated itself into the highest reaches of our hierarchy: an infiltration of sorts, an internal disease or cancer that is ravaging the Body of Christ on earth also thought of as the Bride of Christ. And sadly it is not met with much resistance from the average parishioner who has been deprived of the Teachings of the Faith since Vatican II. “Keep the faithful (and new seminarians) in the dark and they might be led to believe whatever lies are proposed as a viable substitute for the True Church.”

Let me be clear that there are still good men and women in the Church, but increasingly, fewer and fewer of them have the backbone to withstand the onslaught of their superiors in the Church. Many have become conditioned to a type of effeminacy such that “fighting for the Bride of Christ” seems to them to be an affront to their new understanding of “Mercy, Love and Peace”. Therefore, they keep their mouths shut and their heads down; pretending that all is well when in their heart of hearts they know that nothing is further from the truth: they have not the “manhood” to stand up to that which is objectively false and that attacks the Bride of Christ that, now more than ever, requires their protection.

Since the Second Vatican Council we have seen a steady increase of abuses and scandals within the Church. We sat quietly by as the Novus Ordo Missae (and the ‘Spirit of Vatican II Crowd’) introduced the most banal forms of worship that the Church has ever experienced, replete with a feminist bent, incorporating female aspects to our liturgy that are characterized by many of the activists for girl altar servers, female lectors and ushers, as well as the spectacle of Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, not to mention the horrid, almost pornographic liturgical dances that were introduced to entertain the worldly as they sat in their pews with their mouths agape. And we mostly heard crickets from our bishops and hierarchy in Rome.

So who are our new allies in this largely bankrupt world of ours? They are the activists on every front: the Radical Feminists, the LGBT Lobby, the Sustainability Development Goals of the UN, Communists, Socialists, Liberation Theologists, Open Border Advocates, Global Warming Activists and the like. It is largely a smorgasbord of sociological and political reforms developed by the far left over the past 100 years by freemasons, non-believers and those who have fallen for a pseudo victim status espoused by those who tout multiculturalism as a common good. We are led to believe in Indifferentism; as we are all going to heaven and no religion is better than another. We have embrace the individual (though uninformed) conscience as the arbiter of Truth (subjective truth, of course).

We have now embarked on a path to declare the enemies of the Faith (heresiarchs) as those on an equal footing as the Catholic Faith founded by God. Nobody holds the “fulness of Truth” anymore and we sound very much like Pilate when he said to Jesus, “What is Truth?” (John 18:38). All of this is purportedly done in the name of ecumenism for the sake of peace; never mind that it is an example of “false irenicism” decried in the documents of Vatican II.

With generals like these in this long Spiritual Battle between Heaven and Hell, we are certainly not in good hands. For they have given away treasury to the enemy and have abandoned the souls of their flocks all for the love of the world and their worldly acclaim. It is as though they have met with the Church’s perennial enemies and surrendered on nearly every point. Cowards abound and fortitude seems to be a forgotten virtue.

May God raise up saints among us who might repel this headlong rush to secularize our Faith and find the courage to restore it to its resplendent beauty. We need fighters rather than yes men who value the acclaim of the crowds while declaring sin virtuous and virtue as sin. Or those who have abandoned their own souls and the souls of their flocks for a bowl of pottage.

How long, O Lord, how long?

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