A Roman Catholic Affirmation of Personal Faith

A Roman Catholic Affirmation of Personal Faith.

I wish that all our Bishops would require a similar profession of faith for anyone who teaches, or acts in a role of representation for our Church. I wonder if Melinda Gates, Nancy Pelosi or Joe Biden and many other Catholic pretenders to the faith would sign or attest to such a document. They might, just to keep their Catholic base happy. A profession of faith shouldn’t be necessary as our Baptismal promises say that we believe in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church which certainly implies obedience to ALL that the Church teaches. But, alas, it needs to be spelled out these days. Hypocrisy not to mention a lack of honor is visibly apparent in these activists who scandalize the Faith day in and day out.

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  1. rometome

    Pray for them, that they may be converted to the service of Christ, rather than the service of secular politics.

  2. Dan

    Nice prayer for the poster, rometome, My prayer – May God forgive the poster for what they have written. Remember His admonition to those who would judge the Tax Collector, “Render unto Caesar…” May He so enlighten the poster’s thoughts that He might be proud of him/her rather than ashamed that they/we have learned nothing of the Kingdom…. Amen.


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