Anglicans approved contraception with ‘Amoris Laetitia’ argument. Here’s how Pope Pius XI responded | LifeSite News

  By John-Henry Westen January 16, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – It might well be true, as we have heard recently, that the intended reading of Amoris Laetitia would give permission in certain restricted circumstances for married couples to resort to contraception if they felt in their consciences they were doing the right thing. That might even fall in line with Pope Francis’ thought as expressed in an airplane interview wherein he suggestedthat the use of artificial contraceptive methods Continue Reading →

More Cutting the Crap: Humanae Vitae | Barnhardt.Biz

ADULT CONCEPTS DISCUSSED BLUNTLY HEREIN.  No innocent children, and you probably ought to put out the cat, just to be safe. The thoroughly on fleek Diane Montagna, the new go-to source for breaking news in Rome, broke the news last week that Antipope Bergoglio’s Freemasonic-sodomite henchmen have officially declared contraception to be not just morally licit, but “required” in some circumstances, specifically citing Antipope Bergoglio’s satanic screed, Amoris Latitiae (“the exuberance of sodomy“) as the Continue Reading →

The Vatican infiltrated by Freemasonry? | Toronto Catholic Witnes

Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki stated on his blog, just over two years ago, regarding the meetings at the Synod of the Family, that the spirit of freemasonry was afoot amongst many of the bishops with regards to dialogue, and their secular view of the world:   “the dialogue on human rights is from the point of view of the illuminati of the 19th century.”   Dear friends, I ask you to reconsider these words by the Archbishop taking into Continue Reading →

Pope Bestows Pontifical Honor On Abortion Facilitator

You look like an angel Walk like an angel Talk like an angel But I got wise You’re the devil in disguise Oh yes you are The devil in disguise . . . Scoop’s only comment.  (HT – Lepanto Institute) When President Trump reinstated the Mexico City Policy, Lilianne Ploumen, a former official in the government of Netherlands, established an NGO called “She Decides” to raise money to replace the funds that Trump denied to abortionists.  Continue Reading →

If you swear an Oath of Fidelity to TheFrancis, you must have your head down a rabbit hole like this, see?

Gloria TV says that an Oath of Fidelity is in the works. Fred thinks you’re nuts if you agree to do it.

Has Francis Changed the Meaning of Catholicism?

Catholic, of course as we all know, means Universal. It is the One, True Church period. It is the Church that was created by God Himself as the sole Church for the salvation of man and it is expected that all men ‘of good will’ might be incorporated into it and taught the precepts that might lead us to our salvation; if only we apply them faithfully and diligently. But it seems to this writer Continue Reading →

Francis-appointed cardinal: Pope could ‘name a woman cardinal’ | LifeSiteNews

Doug Mainwaring Thu Jan 11, 2018 – 10:58 am EST January 11, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – In the short span of three weeks, Cardinal Joseph Tobin has made startling statements regarding the role of women within the Catholic Church in a pair of interviews reported in high profile left-leaning publications – The New York Times (NYT) and Jesuit America Magazine. Nicholas Kristoff kicked off the NYT interview by zeroing in on a favorite term, “gender,” in Continue Reading →

Is there going to be an Oath of Fidelity to TheFrancis? Really?

Are we going to get a new FrancisMass that will be OK for Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox Christians? Is the Dictator Pope so worried about losing his fascistic grip on the priests, bishops and cardinals that he must come up with an Oath of Fidelity to himself? Sounds like pure narcissism and power brokering from TheFrancis. From the looks of it, we shall find out soon enough, though.   SOURCE:

The Fifty-Year Descent to Footnote 351: Our Progressive Desensitization to the Most Holy Eucharist | One Peter Five Peter KwasniewskiJanuary 10, 2018 We did not wake up one fine day in 2017 to find ourselves suddenly confronted with Eucharistic sacrilege being promoted from on high. There was a long, slow process that led to this moment. It consisted in the gradual dilution of the sacredness of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and of the Blessed Sacrament at its heart, with institutionally tolerated sacrilege along the way. Fifty years of desacralization has Continue Reading →

Contraception: Intrinsically Evil | The Catholic Thing

 Michael Pakaluk TUESDAY, JANUARY 9, 2018 In 2018, over twenty conferences worldwide (so Janet Smith tells me) will celebrate Humanae Vitae (HV) on its 50th anniversary, but we are also likely to see  concerted attacks on its teaching, which will not have been discouraged by various actions of the Vatican. The mode of the attack is not difficult to guess. It will not take the form of direct contradiction but rather subversion – changes that Continue Reading →

Cardinal Burke Criticizes Benedict XVI’s Resignation | GloriaTV

 “It was not a good thing for the Church to lose its universal shepherd”, Cardinal Raymond Burke has commented on the resignation of Benedict XVI, “There is a certain feeling among many Catholics that their father abandoned them.” Talking to the Macau newspaper O Clarim (December 15) Burke expressed his hopes that papal resignations will not become a common practice. The cardinal concedes that at the time of his resignation Pope Benedict had reached a Continue Reading →

The “Gay” (I hate that word) Priest Problem | Fr. Z’s Blog

Posted on 7 January 2018 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf Why is there a picture of three beavers here? Keep reading! I’ll batten the hatches for another round of hate mail and “block parties” and alert the readership of a good piece at The Catholic Thing by Fr. Jerry Pokorsky. He tackles the “gay” (I hate that word) priest problem. Confronting the Gay Priest Problem Recently, a priest who was prominent in the pastoral care of those with Continue Reading →