If you swear an Oath of Fidelity to TheFrancis, you must have your head down a rabbit hole like this, see?

Gloria TV says that an Oath of Fidelity is in the works. Fred thinks you’re nuts if you agree to do it.

First Ever: Pontifical Award for the most Confused Catholic of 2017

Progress Report

NOVEMBER 17, 2017 ~ GKIRKUK   My Dear Wormwood, There arrived on my desk this morning a memorandum which does you nothing but credit. From time to time HIM Office of Statistics provides me with a useful summary of the progress of all our operatives. You have clearly had a considerable success with your patient; the department itemises: 2013.  Francis said that Jesus’s multiplication of bread and fish was really a miracle of sharing, not Continue Reading →

Eccles is saved: Has the Second Coming already happened?

Today’s Gospel explained that nobody knows when to expect Christ’s Second Coming. The newly-discovered Book of the Prophet Iveriah presents one particular theory: What if the Second Coming has already taken place? … and he will return to judge and insult the quick and the dead…   Only a fragment of the prophecy survives, but what there is, is fairly definite.   1. And when the Saviour returns he will appear in the humble town Continue Reading →

Truths for Catholics ~ a preview for a new feature that will be expanded over time

  These are the first in what will hopefully be a series of short items for the armchair philosophers and theologians in the crowd. This feature already has its own page which is found under the “RELIGION” heading in the uppermost menu.

Hmmm . . . Fred weighs in on Teilhard de Chardin

Tielhard’s “noosphere” sounds a lot like a dog toy. When you chew through to the middle, there is usually a tasty snack inside. Although it is possible that it came from a Star Trek episode that I missed.