Western Civilization Exists for the Mass

NOV 7 Posted by Brian Williams -Liturgy Guy Many are stunned today at the speed in which western civilization is collapsing. Coinciding with this is the post-conciliar crisis within the Church, the fourth great crisis of Christendom as it has been described by that great defender of orthodoxy, Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Kazakhstan. What may not be as clear too many is the connection between the destruction of the Mass and of the collapse of Continue Reading →

FrancisChurch And The NFL – Getting Their Bell Rung…

30MondayOct 2017 Posted by S. Armaticus in Of Interest   I hope all my loyal and dear readers had a great Feast of Christ the King yesterday. I know I did. As I was sitting at High Mass, in a chapel filled to the brim, my thoughts kept wondering over to Novus Ordo land. Actually, I was thinking about what it was like to have an entire pew to oneself. Sorry for the digression… As Continue Reading →

KILLING STATUES: Christophobic Mobocracy in America ~ Remnant TV

Virtue, Law and American Greatness

Video: Muslims takeover streets of Chicago, Houston, Dallas, New York

October 14, 2017    https://pamelageller.com/2017/10/asgyra-2017.html/ Did you see any of these events on your local and national newscasts? They’ll give you a glimpse of what the Muslim invasion looks like. Chicago, Illinois – a two-hour procession through the streets. Houston, Texas – the audio sounds enhanced to make it sound like a much bigger crowd but it’s a sizable gathering. Dallas, Texas – another sizable gathering of Muslims in the streets. Queens, New York The Continue Reading →

Congress warned North Korean EMP attack would kill ‘90% of all Americans’ | Washington Examiner

by Paul Bedard | Oct 12, 2017, 4:25 PM Congress was warned Thursday that North Korea is capable of attacking the U.S. today with a nuclear EMP bomb that could indefinitely shut down the electric power grid and kill 90 percent of “all Americans” within a year. At a House hearing, experts said that North Korea could easily employ the “doomsday scenario” to turn parts of the U.S. to ashes.  In calling on the Pentagon Continue Reading →

Really, Ireland? | nebraskaenergyobserver

The following is really disturbing. It seems like yesterday that Ireland was known for being Irish Catholic and producing more priests than they needed. In fact, they were supplying us with priests at the same time Che was on his murderous killing spree. What a scandal this is. +++++ OCTOBER 9, 2017 BY NEO Hard to understand just what the Republic of Ireland is thinking. A few months ago they installed a picture of Che Guevara Continue Reading →


by Josef Seifert 10 . 5 . 17 If one considers the transformation of Plato’s Academy, champion of eternal truth, into a center of radical skepticism against which St. Augustine wrote his Contra Academicos, or contemplates the splits and changes that have occurred in all other philosophical schools, one will see that the preservation of Catholic doctrine over two millennia is a miracle. Considering likewise the countless divisions between and within the different Protestant confessions, as Continue Reading →

The Unserious ‘Serious’ Discussion About Guns: There is no real moral philosophy informing it.

by George Neumayr in the American Spectator The philosophy underlying liberalism is at once totalitarian and relativistic. It proposes more government and less morality. It laughs at the mustiness of the Ten Commandments, then demands respect for a flurry of new laws. It scoffs at old codes of self-control, then presses for “gun control” and greater state controls on this or that freedom. From this ethos, regnant for decades in elite circles, has come an Continue Reading →

What is the legacy of the last 50+ years of leftist protesting?

The progressives and an endless spin-off of groups has captured the media for an insufferable amount of time. We have had legitimate protests before, of course, and they were usually on national topics of concern; civil rights, the increased involvement in Vietnam come to mind. They were topics that concerned us all as a nation and as moral concerns. But am I the only one that has noticed that for the last 50+ years there Continue Reading →

To sign or not to sign: Fr. Ray Blake’s Blog

How very sad this is. ****** Thursday, September 28, 2017 To Sign or Not to Sign I have been asked to sign the Filial Correction, I signed the letter of the 45 academics and pastors last year, and almost immediately found Cardinal Nichols’ tanks parked on my lawn to inform me of his displeasure, which was quite mild unlike other lay signatories, who were sacked from their jobs in Catholic institutions for their pains, Dr. Continue Reading →