Receiving Communion from Extraordinary Ministers and Receiving in the Hand

When I converted to the Catholic Faith some 20+ years ago I was fortunate to have older priests who went to seminary prior to Vatican II and still understood that they had been imprinted with a special indelible mark on their souls and their hands were now consecrated for a distinct and divine purpose. Their fundamental characters had been changed and in one aspect were now even of a higher order than the angels in Continue Reading →

Latin: The Sacramental Language Laramie Hirsch11/22/2017 There is a hierarchy of language. This is true for secular politics and cultural commerce, as well as in terms of religion. In this hierarchy, some languages are higher than others. JRR Tolkien, a philologist at Oxford, was quite aware of this. In his fictional world, which we know through Lord of the Rings, the elves speak the high elvish language called Quenya. Further, Quenya is divided into two parts: the Parmaquesta Continue Reading →

Catholic Mass Lectionary Omits Anti-Homosexualism Verses from Romans 1

by Dr Taylor Marshall Why do Catholics in America support homosexuality proportionately more than the general population? Two reasons: lack of authentic Catholic teaching regarding homosexuality…and the Church omitted one of the clearest Bible verses on homosexuality from the lectionary: One of the very unfortunate results of the New Lectionary is that verses that might be deemed offensive have been omitted from our liturgical celebrations. (I’ve written about how three “offensive” Psalms were removed from the Liturgy Continue Reading →

The Omission of “Difficult” Psalms and the Spreading-Thin of the Psalter | Rorate Caeli

The Jefferson Bible, from which the arch-rationalist clipped what he disliked (This article is being republished by popular demand, in revised form.) PART OF THE WORK of reassessing the liturgical reform and correcting or rejecting its mistakes consists in making known, as widely as possible, the damage and destruction that was visited upon the unbroken liturgical tradition of the Catholic Church. It has been my experience that far too many Catholics today have simply no idea Continue Reading →

Is a larger lectionary with more scripture necessarily better? | New Liturgical Movement

MONDAY, JANUARY 16, 2017 Lectionaries: Qualitative versus Quantitative Measures PETER KWASNIEWSKI In recent years, I have been drawn into research on the revised lectionary, which is often hailed as one of the great gains of the liturgical reform. The fullest presentation of my findings is published in the proceedings of Sacra Liturgia 2015, Liturgy in the Twenty-First Century (pp. 287-320), but additional considerations are found in a chapter of my book Resurgent in the Midst Continue Reading →

Padre Pio: on Vatican II & New Mass | The Angelus magazine

Padre Pio: on spirituality, Vatican II and the Novus Ordo Missae By Fr. Jean, OFMcap and printed originally in the May 1999 issue of The Angelus magazine.   Padre Pio (May 25, 1887-September 23, 1968) was beatified on May 2, 1999, by Pope John Paul II. He is the only priest known to have received the full stigmata. He never celebrated the Novus Ordo Missae. The final year of this dying, decaying century will see Continue Reading →

Archbishop Schneider’s interview with Michael Matt of the Remnant

An oldie but goody from the Remnant

Monday, June 23, 2014 Dietrich Von Hildebrand on Vatican II: a ‘Great Misfortune’ Written by  By Michael Davies, RIP Reprinted from The Remnant 2004… The following letter from Dietrich Von Hildebrand, who was described by Pope Pius XII as the 20th century Doctor of the Church, is not without interest in view of the recent critiques appearing in The Remnant of the article “Why Vatican II was Necessary”, which appeared in the March 2004 issue Continue Reading →

One of the last things Benedict wrote on the reception of Holy Communion

OFFICE FOR THE LITURGICAL CELEBRATIONS OF THE SUPREME PONTIFF Communion received on the tongue and while kneeling The most ancient practice of distributing Holy Communion was, with all probability, to give Communion to the faithful in the palm of the hand. The history of the liturgy, however, makes clear that rather early on a process took place to change this practice. From the time of the Fathers of the Church, a tendency was born and Continue Reading →

Critique Of Novus Ordo Catholic Mass By Dietrich Von Hildebrand

JULY 31, 2014 BY FATHER CAROT Dietrich von Hildebrand is one of the greatest Catholic minds of the 20th. Century.  He and his wife, Alice “WERE” considered some of the greatest thinkers and speakers in the Catholic Church.  But because they are critical of the changes made by Vatican II in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, they are relegated today as insignificant people. So, all of you who think you know everything about the Continue Reading →

Eleven Great Quotes from Pope Benedict XVI on Liturgy and the Holy Mass | Taylor Marshall

by Dr Taylor Marshall   Like most of you, I have enjoyed reading the Holy Father’s thoughts on the liturgy and the Holy Mass over the years. Pope Benedict was undeniably prolific in his theological reflection on Liturgy and the Eucharist prior to his election as Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church. Even before I became Catholic, I was impressed by his forthrightness and clarity on what constitutes genuine and God-honoring liturgy. A previous post Continue Reading →