If you swear an Oath of Fidelity to TheFrancis, you must have your head down a rabbit hole like this, see?

Gloria TV says that an Oath of Fidelity is in the works. Fred thinks you’re nuts if you agree to do it.

Has Francis Changed the Meaning of Catholicism?

Catholic, of course as we all know, means Universal. It is the One, True Church period. It is the Church that was created by God Himself as the sole Church for the salvation of man and it is expected that all men ‘of good will’ might be incorporated into it and taught the precepts that might lead us to our salvation; if only we apply them faithfully and diligently. But it seems to this writer Continue Reading →

Have a Merry, Joyous and Holy Christmas

“Glory to God in the highest; and on earth peace to men of good will.” __ Luke 2:14

First Ever: Pontifical Award for the most Confused Catholic of 2017

A New Mission for the Church: eliminate the poor, normalize sin, make friends with our enemies and to save the planet

It seems Pope Francis has given a New Mission for the Church. It is time to  flesh out what I feel this New Mission is and why it will certainly fail on its own but also fail in the  fulfillment of its True Mission; the salvation of souls. Some of you may have noticed that I have put a new tagline in the site heading. I struggled to put into a few words what this Continue Reading →

On Lemmings and Papolatry: the blind leading the blind into the proverbial ditch

I find the silence and obedience of most of the hierarchy and the laity of the Catholic Church quite perplexing; especially in view of the seriousness of the present crisis that we are living in. Most of the ‘voices’ heard from our hierarchy seem to be that of ‘yes’ men looking to get ahead or preserve their importance in various roles that they hold or else are clamoring to climb a ladder to even higher Continue Reading →

Truths for Catholics ~ a preview for a new feature that will be expanded over time

  These are the first in what will hopefully be a series of short items for the armchair philosophers and theologians in the crowd. This feature already has its own page which is found under the “RELIGION” heading in the uppermost menu.

Receiving Communion from Extraordinary Ministers and Receiving in the Hand

When I converted to the Catholic Faith some 20+ years ago I was fortunate to have older priests who went to seminary prior to Vatican II and still understood that they had been imprinted with a special indelible mark on their souls and their hands were now consecrated for a distinct and divine purpose. Their fundamental characters had been changed and in one aspect were now even of a higher order than the angels in Continue Reading →

Hmmm . . . Fred weighs in on Teilhard de Chardin

Tielhard’s “noosphere” sounds a lot like a dog toy. When you chew through to the middle, there is usually a tasty snack inside. Although it is possible that it came from a Star Trek episode that I missed.

Thank you for your prayers for my friend: an aspirant to a Traditional Catholic priesthood

UPDATE Well it has been some matter of weeks since I posted that article here on the AATW website. Since that time he has made efforts to get an answer as to why he was dismissed from the prepratory year at the Institute of Christ the King without getting any reply at all. My thought is that the real reason is simply a question of money, insurance etc. which they fear may impact them financially Continue Reading →

The Pope has me confused ~ but I’m not amused

A few words from Fred.

Prayers for an aspiring Traditional Latin priest

Tuesday Oct 2017 Posted by Scoop I have a young friend that I have known from my parish church since he was little more than a baby. As a child he was diagnosed with Asperger’s which is a high functioning subtype of Autism. This young man showed from a very early age a love for the faith and was profoundly interested in learning all he could about the faith. He subsequently developed a love for Continue Reading →