Has Francis Changed the Meaning of Catholicism?

Catholic, of course as we all know, means Universal. It is the One, True Church period. It is the Church that was created by God Himself as the sole Church for the salvation of man and it is expected that all men ‘of good will’ might be incorporated into it and taught the precepts that might lead us to our salvation; if only we apply them faithfully and diligently. But it seems to this writer that Francis has redefined the terms as he has no desire to claim that our Church has the Fullness of Faith and that the others are anemic, at best, in this regard.

The new Francis Church, as I see it, wants to be the Globalist Church which might throw its mantle over all churches and all religions . . . not excluding those who have no religion as they are human beings that Christ loves and wants to give his mercy to. In short, he seems to be transforming the Universal Church into a type of Universalist church.

This new improved Globalist Catholicism is the ‘moral’ beacon that will give to the New World Order a moral compass. It will not save souls but it will feed the poor, side with the invaders (oops, immigrants), crush capitalism, push forward Peronist socialism, save the planet and unite the world under the Popes watchful eye. There will be no sexes, no ‘left behind’ perverts or terminally confused peoples. All will be equal and all will be valued for their support, their fidelity and their ‘intolerable’ tolerance.

Such a Church seems to be in the making: a political treaty between the Church and the elites of the world to subdue, once an for all, that which makes us who we are. We will all be one though nobody will truly own the Truth and none will have a personal path to holiness that is different from this multi-cultural, hedonistic tolerant pall that will cover us in a new ideal of moral acceptance and purpose. Everyone goes to heaven and there is no hell: except perhaps those of us who are orthodox Catholics who have been corralled into believing that Christ’s Church was and is indefectible and the guarantor of the Truths that lead to the salvation of souls. One must unlearn all that the Church taught for 2000 years before we are freed from the chains of slavery to this savage belief.

So I ask the question again. Does Francis have in mind a new and better Church where it is merely the developing agency to give the New World Order a moral footing? Is Francis changing the meaning of Catholicism?

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