Iraq: The bells in Islam’s holy city toll once again 17 centuries of silence – Vatican Insider

The cross and the half moon: symbols of the dialogue between Christianity and Islam

Mass was celebrated for the first time in a long time, in an old Christian church in Al-Hirah, in the heart of Shi’ite Islam. The ceremony was presided over by the Pope’s envoy, Mgr. Lingua

Vatican City – Rome

After a silence which lasted 17 centuries, the bells in a Christian church in the holy city of Najaf, in Iraq, have sounded once again. Saudi satellite television company Al Arabiya reported on this special event today. The ancient site of worship, located inside the “Abdal Massih” (from the ArabicServant of God”) convent, is in Al-Hirah, an ancient Christian city recently discovered near Najaf.

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