On Lemmings and Papolatry: the blind leading the blind into the proverbial ditch

I find the silence and obedience of most of the hierarchy and the laity of the Catholic Church quite perplexing; especially in view of the seriousness of the present crisis that we are living in. Most of the ‘voices’ heard from our hierarchy seem to be that of ‘yes’ men looking to get ahead or preserve their importance in various roles that they hold or else are clamoring to climb a ladder to even higher positions of importance. This seems to me to be rather normal human behavior for fallen man; this penchant for notoriety and importance, to gain great esteem and proudly strut about like a peacock showing his feathers.

But what of the many good men who have fought the good fight and hold to all that the Catholic Church has held over the millennia? Outside of a mere handful of men who are held with great contempt for speaking out against the many errors being taught and flung about by their Pope and his colleagues, they are mostly quiet. They seem to think that praying and non-action is the best method to withstand the ill winds of this present crisis. Prayer is important but it is not all that they are called to do. Prayer usually is a means of God for giving one what is useful for his own life; for God gains nothing but gives us what we need through prayer. So if they are praying as we ought should they not be filled with a renewed sense of zeal and should they not have gained the virtues of fortitude and compassion for the flocks which they lead? For the laity are primarily lambs led astray and stand in need of their shepherd’s voice if they are not to end up as lemmings falling from a cliff.

And the laity have some responsibility here as well. Did we not vow to hold to all the immutable truths that the Catholic Church has taught even if it required our martyrdom? That in some manner is what Confirmation was all about. So why are they behaving as though the heresies of our age and our complicit prelates of no real concern to the vast majority? They seem to think that merely following the crowd whether it is toward a marxist, communist or socialist mindset will not matter in the least. They also think that what is true today for this present Pope and his minions is more acceptable to their desires and the desires of the world anyway . . . so why not support them even if they are heretical in the context of traditional Catholic teaching?

These are the lemmings and they know not what they do, and probably have no idea (thanks to awful catechetical teaching that they got when they were growing up) what to believe and what not to believe. Though this is hardly an excuse. The catechisms are in every book store and if the salvation of souls is truly important to people, then one would expect that they might spend more time learning the Faith rather than watching the TV or going out shopping for a new wardrobe.

The Church will not fail even if this Pope and his prideful mob of enforcers lead a great number of the faithful into the pits of hell. The True Church will survive and we have the promises of Christ to give us forbearance during this dark age. But don’t think that God is simply going to send a plague upon the guilty and that you need do nothing to stand up against the evil forces present all around us. We are each called to do what we can within the scope of our abilities and the graces which our Lord has given us to use. If you perceive no grace then pray for perseverance in the Faith, fortitude, faith, hope and charity and all the rest. And then act as though you are being called to test those graces to make sure that you actually possess them or at least are trying to develop them. As is usually the case we are all called to do something or to say something when confronted with evil and especially when the consequences of our children are at stake as well as the souls of innumerable humans on this planet . . . born or yet unborn. It is up to us to make an account of our lives. After all we will not only be judged for what we did in this life but also for that which we didn’t do.

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