More erosion of personal rights in America

There are a few communications protections in place, but most of them are old and don’t fit modern changes. I was excited to see legislation going through that would give my online information the same protection as any offline… But my excitement was shortlived.

Democrat Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee changed the legislation being prepared due to law enforcement needs. As it stands, 22 agencies would have real authority to access your online information. This means your email is open to them. This means documents you store on Google Docs. This means facebook wall posts, protected tweets, etc are all available to any of these agencies… Without them requiring a warrant proving they have gone through proper channels to gain access to PRIVATE information. (more information on the bill here)

This bill won’t protect American citizens, but it’s going to do a great job of eroding even more of our freedoms and handing them over to the federal government and our law enforcement agencies.

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