Old Time, Religion – Daniel Foster – National Review Online

Among the creation stories of the major world religions, the Hindu cosmology may be — and I have this from the highest Wikithorities — the one that tracks most closely with our present scientific understanding. It’s a cosmology and an eschatology both, actually, a beautiful story of eternal recurrence in which we occupy one of an infinitude of universes hatched from nothingness by a Creator called Brahma, destined to unfold into a state of maximal complexity before collapsing in on itself and being reborn anew.

Sure, the “runaway universe,” born of a singularity and accelerating toward its own demise, is familiar from the Big Bang Theory, and even the idea that this isn’t Mother Nature’s first rodeo, that not just beings but Being is reincarnated, can be made compatible, or not incompatible, with our best physics. But when you get into the details, the dates and times, things get a bit dicey. And here I quote, again, Wikipedia’s best comparative theologians:

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