Reposting the Series ~ The Lamb of God Theme: Second Model

  Abridged from a work by: Rev. Msgr. Donald C. Hamburger Model Two: Noah’s Altar, Ark and Rainbow – Genesis 5:28-7:28 – Prehistory The rainbow is a sign of the eternal covenant God made with mankind: that He would never again destroy the world’s creatures by flood as He did in the days of Noah. A Sketch of Noah’s Life: God looked down from the heavenly heights and saw how evil the people had become. Continue Reading →

Reposting the Series ~The Lamb of God Theme: Intro, Preface and First Model

  Abridged from a work by: Rev. Msgr. Donald C. Hamburger Many years ago (17 years to be exact) I was privileged to help an old retired priest write a small booklet about something he had thought through for many years: the Lamb of God Theme in the Bible. I have searched high and low without having any luck looking for the original disks so that I might turn it into a PDF file for Continue Reading →


( Fraud has been a part of human history ever since the fall of mankind. The very first fraud was that committed by none other than Satan, who convinced the woman Eve that by defiance of God, she and Adam could actually become as gods themselves, knowing good from evil. Whether or not Adam was fooled by this fraud or simply decided to die with his wife we are not told, but that original fraud Continue Reading →