If Francis is an Antipope, We Can’t Know It Yet – OnePeterFive

If Francis is an Antipope, We Can’t Know It Yet 0 BY STEVE SKOJEC ON JUNE 21, 2016 1P5 BLOG 43 Shares131 The same day Pope Benedict XVI announced his abdication, lightning struck the Vatican twice. (Source) Over the weekend, noteworthy Catholic blogger Ann Barnhardt published an essay in which she states that she believes “Jorge Bergoglio, ‘Francis’ to be an Antipope, never having been canonically elected, and that Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI is Continue Reading →

Barnhardt’s Lessons in Manliness

Posted by Ann Barnhardt – December 20, AD 2012 9:25 PM MST I have been on pilgrimage to Rome since last Monday, but am back now, and mightily jetlagged. Obviously I kept it quiet because it isn’t wise to advertise that one’s home will be empty for ten days, even with the security system set on a hair trigger. Also, I was totally prepared to never make it out of Denver in the first place. Continue Reading →