– On The Immaculate Conception & Science

Posted by Ann Barnhardt – December 8, AD 2012 6:28 PM MST This piece was very popular last year, and since there are a lot more eyes here than a year ago, it is worth a repost today, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Here’s your Christian catechesis for the weekend. First, who exactly is the Immaculate Conception? Most Catholics today are so incredibly ignorant and poorly catechized in their faith that a sickening number Continue Reading →

Responding to a Profound Mystery

There are mysteries and there are miracles that mark one’s journey throughout our faith history; all of which are extraordinary but some might only be classified as profound. For instance: God creating man in His own image and likeness is an extraordinary thing but God becoming man is so extraordinarily profound that we must respond to this statement in some heightened way. By elevating this mystery the Church hopes that all Christians might meditate upon Continue Reading →

Living The Mysteries of the Rosary

Applying the Rosary As a Model for Perfecting the Soul Preface:  What follows is strictly a personal reflection on the Mysteries of the Rosary that has, over time, grown into this form – though abbreviated for publication. For quite some time I have been convinced that the original 3 sets of Mysteries contained in the Rosary correspond in some way to the classical 3 ages of the interior life – though the possible correlations, considerations Continue Reading →