RORATE CÆLI: Mercy begins with denouncing of sin

Today it seems that the condemnation of sin has disappeared from the Church. We are not saying that it is, or that sin is no longer declared as such; we are simply saying that it is done timidly and sweetly, to appear, even for the Church, not a grave matter. Yes, generally speaking, today it is done so. If an action is still defined as sinful, instantly a work of softening up the accusation begins, Continue Reading →

Newman’s Road to Rome

Because he was one of the leading religious thinkers of the 19th century, Cardinal John Henry Newman‘s beatification by Pope Benedict XVI in October 2010 was a long awaited event for Catholics and non-Catholics alike. A poet, theologian, novelist, apologist, and pastor, as a convert he authored one of the greatest spiritual autobiographies in English, Apologia Pro Vita Sua (1864).Born to a Protestant middle-class English family on February 21, 1801, he was the oldest of Continue Reading →