Bishop to speak at parade celebrating Mohammad’s birthday

by Staff Reporter posted Friday, 8 Dec 2017 Bishop John Arnold of Salford said his presence aimed to show ‘we have more in common than what might appear to divide us’ Bishop John Arnold of Salford is to speak at a parade celebrating Mohammad’s birthday on Sunday. The bishop will be among a number of speakers addressing the crowd before it sets off. A spokeswoman said he will talk about “recognising our differences, understanding and Continue Reading →

Tears of Faith and Love: founded in 1988, FSSP enters 30th year

By New Catholic Wednesday, October 18, 2017 Come sorrowing tears, the offspring of my grief, Scant not your parent of a needful aid; In you I rest the hope of wish’d relief, By you my sinful debts must be defray’d: Your power prevails, your sacrifice is grateful, By love obtaining life to men most hateful. … If love, if loss, if fault, if spotted fame, If danger, death, if wrath, or wreck of weal, Entitle Continue Reading →