RORATE CÆLI: Socci: Is the “God” of “Avvenire” and Communion and Liberation now Allah?

  Antonio Socci’s Blog Lo Strainers August 20, 2016 Yesterday ‘Avvenire’ published an editorial (an editorial expresses the official line of a newspaper) and at the heart of this editorial is such rubbish, undeniably extraneous to the Catholic faith. Unfortunately, this editorial bears the signature of a friend of mine from Communion and Liberation, but we need to be friends first and foremost of the truth, thus – with regret – I must point out Continue Reading →

Spend a little time and a little cash at Hobby Lobby this Saturday

If you don’t live near a Hobby Lobby, you can still shop at their on-line site. Also, the family that owns Hobby Lobby also owns Mardels. Mardels is a Christian office supply/book-music-Bible/homeschooling supply store. I shopped at Mardels for curricula and supplies back when I was homeschooling. I’ve also bought several Bibles, as well as Christian gifts, cards and Christmas ornaments there. It’s a great store. You can find it online, if there’s not a Continue Reading →

Defending God-Given Freedoms – Truth and Charity Forum

The 19th century Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky once wisely said, “If God does not exist, then everything is permitted.” Christians continue to wage a political and legal battle against a predominantly secular culture about the law and the meaning of life—both increasingly corrupted by what Blessed Pope John Paul II coined a “culture of death.” Unfortunately, this deviant contemporary trend is determined to make God irrelevant and extinct from society. Dominating the national discourse, this Continue Reading →

Another Ordinary Year in America | Crisis Magazine

The student congress at Harvard, America’s most prestigious “institution of higher learning,” as the euphemism goes, has voted to provide funds to a campus group promoting sadomasochistic sex. Members of the Love and Fidelity Network, a group promoting chastity before marriage and faithfulness within, voice their opposition, and are widely denounced and ridiculed. A female professor of philosophy at Queen’s University in Ontario writes a book whose title asks us to consider why we should Continue Reading →

What is the “Central Mystery” of Our Faith?

Our faith begins with God. We sometimes forget that. For all the discussions and debates that Christians can get lost in, we sometimes forget that our belief is rooted in God. Blessed Pope John Paul II once proclaimed that our generation engages in a fundamental struggle, which is whether we believe in God or not. Love, as it is said, requires a self-emptying. A teacher I know once asked this question to a student who Continue Reading →

More Failures of Leadership from Bishops’ Conferences | Crisis Magazine

Since the presidential election, I haven’t been watching the American news channels much, I haven’t had the heart. The US appears to be about to go over something they are calling the fiscal cliff because of Obama’s triumphalistic behavior: he won, so he’s not compromising with congressional Republicans who want much-needed public spending cuts, and he’ll blame them if they do all go over this cliff (there are, I understand, other analyses of what is Continue Reading →

Solzhenitsyn: The Courage to be a Christian – Truth and Charity Forum

In these dark days in which the power of secular fundamentalism appears to be on the rise and in which religious freedom seems to be imperiled, it is easy for Christians to become despondent. The clouds of radical relativism seem to obscure the light of objective truth and it can be difficult to discern any silver lining to help us illumine the future with hope. In such gloomy times the example of the martyrs can Continue Reading →

RORATE CÆLI: Modernism is ideological – Tradition is realistic, but must be lived in simplicity

Modernism is ideological, Tradition is not, it is realistic. Tradition v. Modernism It is Modernism with abstract concepts, adopted from the prevailing culture, which has claimed to transform Catholic life and thought. Starting from modern philosophy, idealism, Personalism and the ideological psychology of modernity, modernism has wanted to adapt the truths of the Faith and the actual life of Christians; in so doing, it has destroyed everything and has rendered the Christian life, first false, Continue Reading →

ObamaCare’s Crisis of Conscience | First Things

Hobby Lobby, an Oklahoma City-based chain of arts-and-crafts stores, must provide employee health insurance that covers abortion-inducing drugs, a federal judge has ruled, despite the owners’ claim that such drugs violate their religious beliefs.The ruling states that Hobby Lobby and its sister company, Mardel Inc., which sells Bibles and Christian study books, have no constitutional protection from the broadly construed contraceptive requirements in ObamaCare because “Hobby Lobby and Mardel are not religious organizations.” Read more Continue Reading →

India: Hindu extremists lash out on Christians – Vatican Insider

Attacks and gestures of intolerance, particularly against Protestants, are on the rise Marco Tosatti – Rome The greatest violence against Christians is witnessed in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is no coincidence that the party in power is the Bharatiya Janata Party, which is backed by Hindu extremists. According to a representative of the Christian Legal Association, lawyer Nova Bethamia, Christians or their property are attacked on average three times a week in Karnatake. Continue Reading →

“Where Are The Catholics?”: Catholic World Report

November 26, 2012 Is Christianity the measure of modernity or is modernity the measure of Christianity? James V. Schall, S.J. On the morning after Thanksgiving, I was driving over to Frederick, Maryland with one of my nephews. On the car radio, he was listening to a talk radio program from WMAL in Washington. The host of the program was a man who described himself as a conservative Jew. He was talking of the increasing religious Continue Reading →

ZENIT – Two Hundred Million Christians Under Threat

By Father John Flynn, LCROME, NOV. 23, 2012 ( More Christians are under threat than any other faith group, some two hundred million, according to a recent book published by journalist Rupert Shortt. Shortt, the religious editor of the Times Literary Supplement and author of several books on religious topics, recently published his latest book, “Cristianophobia,” (Random House). Well before the September 11 attacks, many Christian communities were faced with severe problems of intolerance, he Continue Reading →