Religious Liberty: an American Innovation and Tradition – Regnum ChristiRegnum Christi

by Fr Matthew P. Schneider, LC If you’ve grown up in the United States in the 20th or 21st century, you might miss how revolutionary the religious liberty in the Constitution is. Until 1791, no national government in human history had officially declared that there was no established religion and people were free to practice whatever religion, and almost every state had some official or semi-official religion. Even the French Revolution, at about the same Continue Reading →

Stop Keeping Up with the Joneses – OnePeterFive

By Alan Scott July 22, 2016 Every day people are faced with making many decisions. Big or small, important or unimportant, this is part of life. And in life, we have to choose some things in preference to others. But choosing doesn’t always involve just “things”. Choosing also involves philosophies. Ways of living. Ways of being. Ways of believing. And often in life, we become trapped into a deceptive way of thinking. One such deceptive Continue Reading →

The Power of One

News for Catholics: Editorial or a Post By Steve Brown This has to be the story of the day, week, and probably many days till November. I heard someone comment the other day, that we are living in the era of “the power of one.” Now think about that. Here we have a person living in the Ecuadorian embassy in London controlling the actions of the DNC (who fired their leader), Hillary and her campaign, Continue Reading →

The Novus Ordo Liturgy: of the world, by the world and for the world

Annibale Bugnini (a suspected freemason) with the approval of Pope Paul VI, reformed and presented the Church with a new liturgy whose rubrics (directions) were so minimal and loose that it allowed for experimentation. This left the door open for the emergence of an egalitarian and social justice element to flourish within the Church. And now after 50 years of experimentation we have a novel (and very fluid) liturgy which aligns itself more with the Continue Reading →