The Fifty-Year Descent to Footnote 351: Our Progressive Desensitization to the Most Holy Eucharist | One Peter Five Peter KwasniewskiJanuary 10, 2018 We did not wake up one fine day in 2017 to find ourselves suddenly confronted with Eucharistic sacrilege being promoted from on high. There was a long, slow process that led to this moment. It consisted in the gradual dilution of the sacredness of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and of the Blessed Sacrament at its heart, with institutionally tolerated sacrilege along the way. Fifty years of desacralization has Continue Reading →

Death in the Streets of Nice, and You.

Posted on 14 July 2016 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf Yet again we have cause to mourn the murdered.  Yet again, in France. We have serious decisions to make about our future.  This is a war. I strongly urge you to consider that this, friends, is coming our way, courtesy of terrorists of the Islamic State and practitioners of the Religion of Peace. Deus, qui conteris bella, et impugnatores in te sperantium potentia tuae defensionis expugnas: Continue Reading →

Q & A on Confession

Question: I have heard it said that the Catholic Church introduced the present practice of Confession at the Fourth Lateran Council (A.D. 1215). If so, it would seem that Confession is no more than the present discipline of the Church and not a Sacrament per se. Therefore, the confession of one’s sins directly to God without a priest, such as Protestant’s employ, would seem acceptable. Why should we continue to confess our sins privately to Continue Reading →