The Council Of Econe – Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum

04 Thursday Jan 2018 Posted by S. Armaticus in Normalization Process™ Returning to our Predictions 2018 thread and our analysis of the Francis bishopric of Rome, a very significant post appeared on the Non Veni Pacem blog. (MUST READ HERE) The post is titled: Pope Benedict adds more evidence that he doesn’t consider himself retired, nor does he think it possible. In the opinion of this humble blogger, it is this blog that is presently doing the most important critical analysis of Continue Reading →

You don’t want to miss the boat

Don’t forget Christ’s promise and likewise don’t forget that Our Lady of Fatima said that Her Immaculate Heart would overcome. Get on the Barque of Peter and stay on it though it seems that the whole world is drowning in a flood of sin and death. I guess the dinosaur’s missed the boat. You never know the day or the hour when your life may also be required.