RORATE CÆLI: Fr. Rutler: In this presidential election, we cannot be indifferent – one side is flawed, but the other is EVIL

  October 30, 2016 by Fr. George W. Rutler On the Election Exactly eight years ago I wrote a column titled “The One We Were Waiting For” in which I referred to a book by Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, The Lord of the World. That dystopian novel has been cited by Pope Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis said he has read it several times. The protagonist, if one can apply that term to an Anti-Christ, Continue Reading →

The Inconsistency of “Personally Opposed but Still Pro-Choice” | Catholic Answers

By Trent Horn July 25, 2016 Hillary Clinton’s selection of Virginia governor Tim Kaine as her running mate has reignited the debate about whether Catholic politicians can support pro-choice policies but remain “personally opposed” to abortion. In June, Kaine explained his position on Meet the Press: I’m a traditional Catholic. I’m personally opposed to abortion and personally opposed to the death penalty. . . . I deeply believe, and not just as a matter of Continue Reading →

Obama rushing Mosul offensive against ISIS to influence election, troops fear – Washington Times

By Rowan Scarborough – The Washington Times – Sunday, July 24, 2016 Some U.S. officers in Baghdad believe the Obama administration is rushing plans for a Mosul offensive so it takes place before the November presidential election, a retired general says. Retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael D. Barbero said his contacts in Baghdad have relayed the concerns to him, fearing there is now an “artificial timeline” for what promises to be by far the toughest Continue Reading →

Can the Republican Party Avoid the Fate of the Whigs?

Note from Senior Management: Pat Caddell, Fox News Contributor and top Democratic strategist, continues his series of exclusive commentary and analysis for Breitbart News concerning the recent election and the future of the Republic. If present trends continue, the Republicans will likely soon fall out of political viability; and the Grand Old Party will be the Grand Defunct Party. They are well on their way to becoming the 21st Century incarnation of the Whigs. Let’s Continue Reading →

Electoral Paradise Lost: Rethinking Priorities in the Aftermath of Political Defeat | Crisis Magazine

On November 7th—the day after President Obama’s re-election—a lot of conservative bloggers tried to make the best of a bad outcome, but hyperbole also seems a frequent sight in the headlines. “The End of America I Know.” “The Day After America.” “Is America Still Exceptional?” Many seem to feel as though the republic has fallen. Hope is gone. Being the literature nerd that I am, my mind immediately turns to the greatest English poem to Continue Reading →

Hope in God | Daily News |

Hope in God | Daily News |