400 Years Ago, Our Lady Sent Us A Message From Ecuador

With the news that the Church is trying to reconcile with Freemasonry, this seems to be an old post that is worth reposting. It seems that most of what Our Lady of Good Success prophesied has occurred and that which has not occured is in the works. It may get darker before we see the light; remember the rosary, ask Our Lady of Good Success for Her intercession, and pray the longer version of Leo XIII’s Continue Reading →

My Letter to a Committed Anti-Catholic

Satan is a liar and it is he who, quite often, might confuse our thoughts. Thus my initial decision, to give you no answer, may have been tainted by his urging: for he despises Truth and wants desperately that we not spread it. But Christian charity or love moved by Grace, should not allow me or anyone else to keep the Truth hidden, though it seems probable that you have no intention of listening to it: Continue Reading →

Text of Antipope Bergoglio’s October 31 Lutheran Abomination “Communal Liturgy” in Lund, Sweden | Barnhardt

On October 31st of this year, less than three months from now, Antipope Bergoglio will travel to Lund, Sweden to celebrate in a “Communal Liturgy” the Lutheran revolt, and to fete the person of Luther himself. A Swedish Catholic, of which there are less than six thousand in total, by the name of Clemens Cavallin, has collected and translated the texts from this event from the Swedish Lutheran church.  He has written an excellent and insightful Continue Reading →

Bishop Thomas John Paprocki: Catholics, marriage and Holy Communion

re Catholics in these circumstances thus have a free choice: if they persist in sexual activity outside of valid marriage, they must refrain from taking Holy Communion; if they wish to receive Holy Communion, they must refrain from sexual activity outside of valid marriage. The latter may seem impossible to those steeped in our sex-saturated culture, but “with God, all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26). Bishop Thomas John Paprocki leads the Catholic Diocese of Springfield. Continue Reading →

Polish Bishop Hopes ‘Amazing Sign’ of Red Host Will Increase Eucharistic Devotion | Daily News | NCRegister.com

by FILIP MAZURCZAK 07/11/2016  – @katedralegnicka Facebook On Christmas Day 2013 at St. Hyacinth’s Shrine in Legnica, an industrial city of 100,000 in southwest Poland, a priest accidentally dropped a consecrated Host on the floor. In accordance with Church procedures, the Host was placed in a dish filled with holy water to dissolve. After two weeks, the Communion wafer dissolved only partially, and a red substance appeared on it. The bishop of Legnica at the Continue Reading →

Barnhardt on Veils

OH, THERE’S MORE. LET’S TALK ABOUT VEILS. POSTED BY ANN BARNHARDT – JANUARY 21, AD 2013 9:10 PM MST As I have written about previously, there is NOTHING that will send a lesbian neo-pagan heretic witch nun into a full-on conniption fit as quickly and surely as a CHAPEL VEIL.Which is reason enough, right there, why EVERY woman should wear a veil whenever she is in the presence of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. Continue Reading →

Liberalism Favors Rights of Individuals Over Churches | Crisis Magazine

The secular media have an unending interest in things Catholic. A recent sampling includes a theology teacher allegedly dismissed for favoring the ordination of women to the priesthood, an announced lesbian (and, as it turned out, a Buddhist) refused Communion at her mother’s funeral, a music teacher dismissed from the Catholic schools because he planned to “marry” his male lover, and a priest disciplined by his bishop for refusing to recite the prescribed prayers of Continue Reading →

Trading a Bowl of Pottage for Your Soul

In today’s world a bowl of pottage might be more likened to an Obama-phone, Obama-care, free contraceptives and welfare checks. However, one’s soul is ethereal and you cannot hold it in your hand or deposit it in the bank. So it seems a profitable trade for our 21st century neighbors as Esau’s dreadful decision did to him. I guess it’s the old bird in the hand vs. the two in the bush syndrome. However, the Continue Reading →

THE REMNANT NEWSPAPER: Who’s the Genius? – (Kudos to Ann Barnhardt)

We’re initiating a new feature in The Remnant called “Who’s the Genius?”. In that column, we’ll be asking questions such as: Who’s the genius that decided it was a good idea for Catholics to stop kneeling for reception of Holy Communion? Who’s the genius that determined it was time to can the Communion rail, pitch the paten, and drop the Sacred Species like popcorn into the hands of everyone—even though for over a thousand years Continue Reading →

Feast of the Most Sacred Heart

On 1 July 2008, at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville, Alabama, Fr. James Buckley of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, delivered the following homily for the First Solemn Mass of Father Jared McCambridge, FSSP.The year was 1849. Forced to flee Rome by revolutionaries who had killed his prime minister, Blessed Pius IX, the Vicar of Christ and ruler of the papal states, was living in Gaeta, a territory which at Continue Reading →

Year of Faith or Year of Fluff? What Will it Be? – Truth and Charity Forum

If the new evangelization means in part trying to bring the lax and the “no-shows” at Mass and Holy Communion back to their senses and practice their faith, it will take a lot more than speeches, programs, and homilies by the hierarchy. It takes exceptional efforts at prayer and penance on the part of the few to save the many. Before one tries to restore truth to the blind of mind and the dull of Continue Reading →

Whispers in the Loggia – For All the Cardinals, “The Demanding Responsibility To Bear Witness”

Here below, the Pope‘s homily at this morning’s Mass concelebrated with the new intake of the College of Cardinals on this solemnity of Christ the King. * * * Today’s Solemnity of Christ, King of the Universe, the crowning of the liturgical year, is enriched by our reception into the College of Cardinals of six new members whom, following tradition, I have invited to celebrate the Eucharist with me this morning. I greet each of Continue Reading →