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The latest biography of Oscar Wilde fails to understand his spiritual journey –

by Francis Phillips posted Monday, 15 Aug 2016 Wilde knew all too well the spiritual shame that can follow moral transgression Modern biographers who lack religious faith themselves are likely to misunderstand their subject if he is searching for faith in his own life. This is very apparent in a biography I have just read: The Fall of the House of Wilde by Emer O’Sullivan. O’Sullivan has tackled as her theme a family both blessed and Continue Reading →

The Remnant Newspaper – Don’t Stop Believing (A Little Reminder from The Remnant)

Written by  Michael Matt “Oft hope is born when all is forlorn.”   – J.R.R. Tolkien T-O-R-T-U-R-E (What Did Jesus Say to Jeremiah Denton in the “Hanoi Hilton”?) In his 1956 article, I Found God in Soviet Russia, concentration camp survivor John Noble writes: “I have seen Christianity under the most terrible persecution it has suffered since the days of Nero, and I have seen abundant proof that faith in Christ, the Saviour, is still alive in Continue Reading →

Divine Mercy Chaplet–EWTN

For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

Physics Explains the World but Faith Gives It Meaning |Blogs |

by Stacy Trasancos 07/05/2016  Fritz von Uhde, “The Ascension of Christ” (1897)   I recently got a note from a young man who is a physics major at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas. His name is Nathaniel Strandquist, a self-described “burgeoning Catholic physicist.” Mr. Strandquist wanted to thank me for writing about faith and science from a personal perspective, but I was struck by a simple declaration he made in his note. “I find that Continue Reading →

A look at Faith, Morals and Practice

There is a symmetry that one might even call symbiosis which exits between Faith, Morals and Practice. It might be helpful should we take the time to look at these more closely. Faith Religion, starts with matters of Faith which are guarded and taught primarily as a basis or foundation of the underlying reason for submitting oneself to the yoke of religion. This Doctrine of Faith gives man a glimpse into the meaning of life Continue Reading →

ZENIT – A Moral Case for a Free Economy

ROME, NOV. 29, 2012 ( At a time when the global economic crisis is causing experts to revisit notions of economic infrastructures, Defending the Free Market: The Moral Case for a Free Economy, by Father Robert Sirico, makes the case that a free market economy is capable of meeting society’s material needs while promoting justice and morality to flourish. The Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty, of which Father Sirico is co-founder, Continue Reading →

The Place of the faith

The Place of the faith.

The Sound of Silence: the Refusal to Face Culpability for the Huge Loss of Faith

While the Church is meeting to discuss the New Evangelization we get a sense that there is a wringing of hands about the sorry state of the Faith while our leadership attends a synod to address the problems that face us in the Church today. They have posited many social problems and historical and political irregularities to wag a finger at. But if the flock is not educated in the faith who is it that Continue Reading →

The Virtue of Faith

The Virtue of Faith is found in the intellect (which aspires to truth) and the will, not in the emotions. This can often be confusing due to the fact that the gift of faith has as its goal Love (Charity), which in essence is God Himself. Likewise, our expressions of Faith are also motivated by the virtue of Love – the love of God and of neighbor as oneself, for the love of God. This Continue Reading →

Study: Atheists Have Lowest ‘Retention Rate’ Compared to Religious Groups

Study: Atheists Have Lowest ‘Retention Rate’ Compared to Religious Groups.