Chris Ferrara Fires Back at Desperate Estalishment Catholics on Fatima | The Stumbling Block

30Nov 2017 by In a recent interview, establishment Catholics make their latest in a long line of dishonest, ham-fisted, and feeble attempts, which have originated from the Vatican on down, to obscure and withhold key truths about the Third Secret of Fatima. During John Paul II’s reign, an apparently truncated, dubious version of the Third Secret was released which has aroused immediate suspicion and controversy ever since.  Letters and communications from the late visionary, Continue Reading →

Fatima’s October 13 Apparition: More Than Meets the Eye

A crowd watches the ‘Miracle of the Sun’ during the apparition of Our Lady of Fatima on October 13, 1917. (Illustração Portuguesa) OCT. 13, 2017 The 100th Anniversary of Fatima on Oct. 13 highlights must-know-and-do messages behind the Miracle. Joseph Pronechen We’ve heard much about the Miracle of the Sun, thanks be to God, that startled 70,000-plus people at the Cova da Iria 100 years ago on Oct. 13. Instead of repeating basic details of Continue Reading →

Pius XII’s Prophetic Warnings about Fatima and the “Suicide” of Altering the Faith in its Liturgy

Andrew Guernsey June 12, 2017 OnePeterFive: Please read this article here:   It sounds a bit like the way things have been going of late, doesn’t it. Where is our Pius XII when we need him?

Robert Moynihan Keeps Fatima Questions Alive – OnePeterFive

BY MAIKE HICKSON ON AUGUST 8, 2016 1P5 BLOG After OnePeterFive caused a controversy in Rome concerning the question as to whether or not the full Third Secret of Fatima has already been revealed, this same issue has again been picked up, but now by Dr. Robert Moynihan, himself the editor of the monthly magazine Inside the Vatican. In two different editions of his own regular Letters from the Journal of Robert Moynihan, Moynihan speaks Continue Reading →