My Letter to a Committed Anti-Catholic

Satan is a liar and it is he who, quite often, might confuse our thoughts. Thus my initial decision, to give you no answer, may have been tainted by his urging: for he despises Truth and wants desperately that we not spread it. But Christian charity or love moved by Grace, should not allow me or anyone else to keep the Truth hidden, though it seems probable that you have no intention of listening to it: Continue Reading →

“The Infancy Narratives”: Not myths, just plausible stories – Vatican Insider

Benedict XVI’s new book on Jesus’ birth Andrea TOrnielli vatican city The stories about Jesus’ infancy in the first few chapters of the Gospels of Luke and Matthew are not legends or imaginative reconstructions. They are not “midrash” either, that is, interpretations of the Scriptures through narrations, typical of Hebrew literature. They are “history, history which really took place, history which was certainly interpreted and understood on the basis of the Word of God.” Benedict Continue Reading →

The real Thérèse of Lisieux and those letters that were tampered with – Vatican Insider

Thérèse of Lisieux A documented volume by Italian theologian and writer, Gianni Gennari, shows how the saint’s sisters gave a reductive image of her and her “doctrine” and even managed to mislead four Popes ANDREA TORNIELLI vatican city It is a story of true holiness and manipulated documents that told by Gianni Gennari in his new book “Teresa di Lisieux, il fascino della santità. I segreti di una “dottrina” ritrovata” (Thérèse of Lisieux, The appeal Continue Reading →

A Parable of Catholic Penance and Indulgence

In order to understand the Catholic Teaching on Penance and Indulgences let us use a practical example from ordinary life to illustrate what is taking place. One might call this a parable of sorts:  We have a family (a husband, wife and child) that live together on a small farm. The husband is called away by his Father for an extended visit, leaving the wife and child to run the household in his absence.  The Continue Reading →

When Does Life Begin?

Some, thinking that I might be addressing the abortion issue, may answer this question with, ‘at birth’ or ‘at conception.’ But such an answer would only speak to the physical reality of our human person and its enfleshed temporal existence. But there is an answer that goes to the heart of all true spirituality. It is an answer that has been revealed by God through Holy Scripture. The surprising answer is that God has known Continue Reading →

Evil Incarnate: the Iniquity of our Political Elite

If I were to suggest to you that it is right and good that we should extend the freedom of our countrymen to include the execution of certain classes of people you would likely say to me that I should either have my head examined or be locked up for the good of society. Yet we have gone so far as to enact a law to protect the right of each and every woman to Continue Reading →

Prayer’s Twofold End

Prayer has a twofold end: worship and petition. The prayer of worship can be divided into three distinct sentiments that are offered to God, adoration, thanksgiving and reparation, while the prayer of petition is principally a request for the effective operation of God’s Grace.  Therefore, even petition is an act of confidence in Him and can be viewed as a form of homage to a loving God Who hears His creatures and pours His Grace Continue Reading →

Adherence to a Standard

The basis for all spirituality is adherence to a standard. In the case of Catholic Spirituality the standard is, of course, the definitive teachings of the Roman Catholic Church; including Her moral standard, as well as Her practices. To borrow one of the late Fulton Sheen’s illustrations, let’s imagine ourselves sitting at a piano. When we strike any key on the instrument no one can say that we have hit a wrong note. However, in Continue Reading →