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ADULT CONCEPTS DISCUSSED BLUNTLY HEREIN.  No innocent children, and you probably ought to put out the cat, just to be safe. The thoroughly on fleek Diane Montagna, the new go-to source for breaking news in Rome, broke the news last week that Antipope Bergoglio’s Freemasonic-sodomite henchmen have officially declared contraception to be not just morally licit, but “required” in some circumstances, specifically citing Antipope Bergoglio’s satanic screed, Amoris Latitiae (“the exuberance of sodomy“) as the Continue Reading →

Contraception: Intrinsically Evil | The Catholic Thing

 Michael Pakaluk TUESDAY, JANUARY 9, 2018 In 2018, over twenty conferences worldwide (so Janet Smith tells me) will celebrate Humanae Vitae (HV) on its 50th anniversary, but we are also likely to see  concerted attacks on its teaching, which will not have been discouraged by various actions of the Vatican. The mode of the attack is not difficult to guess. It will not take the form of direct contradiction but rather subversion – changes that Continue Reading →

Is the #AmorisLaetitia agenda just the warm up for the full assault on #HumanaeVitae? | Fr. Z’s Blog

Posted on 5 January 2018 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf If the unrepentent sinner, unshriven and without a firm purpose of amendment, can officially be admitted to Holy Communion, it’s game over for discipline in the Church.  It’s over for authoritative teaching on faith and morals. If Christ was wrong about marriage and divorce, then He isn’t God and everything we are doing is pointless and idolatrous. In the Catholic Herald: There’s a movement to undermine Catholic morality Continue Reading →

What the Reformation has Wrought | Crisis Magazine

The day may come when Catholics can support neither of the main American political parties or their candidates. Some think it’s already arrived. Alasdair MacIntyre, the Notre Dame philosopher, argued along those lines a few years ago, explaining why he couldn’t vote for either a Democrat or a Republican. I don’t know what Professor MacIntyre will do this year. For my part, along with my brother bishops in Pennsylvania, I believe it’s important to vote Continue Reading →

What was Padre Pio’s last letter about?: Catholic World Report

The most recent issue of the Catholic Medical Quarterly (UK) is dedicated to the 45th anniversary of Humanae Vitae. Included as an editorial is the last known letter by Padre Pio, written to Pope Paul VI on September 12, 1968: Your Holiness, … I know that your heart is suffering much these days … for the lack of obedience of some, even Catholics, to the high teaching that you, assisted by the Holy Spirit and Continue Reading →