Vatican II Documents & Their Influence in the Church ~ 2007 talk by Fr. Calvin Goodwin, FSSP

A pause to look back at a very good synopsis of the influence of the Second Vatican Council on our present Crisis in the Church.

VATICAN II IN TWILIGHT: The Real Francis Effect | Remnant TV

And if you are interested in watching the latest Remnant TV entry you can see the Remnant TV video and buy the full Firing Line video by clicking on the title above. You can also watch the Firing Line piece by clicking this link:

“Has it worked?” the question we dare not ask | Fr. Ray Blake’s Blog

Monday, November 13, 2017 In this centenary year of the Soviet Revolution, it is worth reflecting that after 70 years the Russian people actually asked the question, “Has it worked?” It is the question an efficient business asks regularly, I suspect parents in a healthy family ask that question. it should be the fundamental question of the spiritual life. Fifty years after the implementation of the liturgical changes, it is the question the Church should Continue Reading →

Western Civilization Exists for the Mass

NOV 7 Posted by Brian Williams -Liturgy Guy Many are stunned today at the speed in which western civilization is collapsing. Coinciding with this is the post-conciliar crisis within the Church, the fourth great crisis of Christendom as it has been described by that great defender of orthodoxy, Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Kazakhstan. What may not be as clear too many is the connection between the destruction of the Mass and of the collapse of Continue Reading →

On Irreverent Masses | Barnhardt

Just a little reminder to one and all about liturgy, and bad liturgy.  Obviously, I think that living close to reverent liturgy, either the Tridentine Mass or Divine Liturgy, should be an extremely high priority, BUT, to those who say, “Novus Ordo Mass is all there is available to me, and I’M NOT GOING!”, let me hasten to remind you of the following:   The most “irreverent” Mass in history was Calvary itself. No one Continue Reading →

The perfect inversion of the Real: “An adult Church; a mature people of God.”

A good collection of videos from our progressive prelates can be seen here posted by Hillary White: Very mature, as she points out. These incredible videos are a must see if you have a strong stomach. __ Scoop

Letter to Tosatti: “I Fear We Are in the End Times” Marco Tosatti10/30/2017 Dear friends, enemies, and any other readers, this morning I thought I was going to have a day off. Then a message arrived from “Big Shot”, which, I must confess, truly took my breath away, because of its tone and because I know that “Big Shot ” has seen it all and is not someone who is easy to impress. Read a little… Dear Tosatti, What I am going to write you Continue Reading →

The War Against Cardinal Sarah | Marco Tosatti | First Things

by Marco Tosatti 10 . 23 . 17 Now that Cardinal Gerhard Müller has been removed from his post at the Vatican, the main target of the circle around Pope Francis is Cardinal Robert Sarah, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship. Their latest coup is the release of a letter of “correction” aimed at Cardinal Sarah and signed by Francis. Published on Sunday, the letter was celebrated as a just humiliation of the cardinal Continue Reading →

Pius XII’s Prophetic Warnings about Fatima and the “Suicide” of Altering the Faith in its Liturgy

Andrew Guernsey June 12, 2017 OnePeterFive: Please read this article here:   It sounds a bit like the way things have been going of late, doesn’t it. Where is our Pius XII when we need him?

5 Things to Remember in the “Ad Orientem” Discussion

BY MSGR. CHARLES POPE 08/08/2016 An Advocate of ‘Ad Orientem’ Reflects on the Responses of the Holy See Press Office and the U.S. Bishops The reaction of the Holy See Press Office and the American Bishops to the news of Cardinal Sarah’s proposal that priests face “east” (ad orientem) for the Eucharistic Prayer is not surprising. They were quick to insist that no change in liturgical law is forthcoming in this matter. It is doubtful that Continue Reading →

ad orientem – Catholic Education Resource Center

ad orientem FATHER GEORGE W. RUTLER In 2014, Pope Francis appointed Cardinal Robert Sarah of Guinea to be Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, with instructions to continue a “reform of the reform.” After the Second Vatican Council, many changes in the liturgy were done virtually overnight, with no mandate from the Council, but motivated by what Pope Pius XII would have called a romantic “historicism” based on Continue Reading →

There is Nothing Controversial About Ad Orientem Worship

It is integral to human nature: our focus is principally determined by what we are looking at. When we speak to others, we make eye contact. When we move from place to place, we point ourselves in that direction.Pilots face forward. Drivers too. Surgeons don’t stare at the back wall of an operating theater. I’ve yet to meet a cook who can make a meal with their back to the stove. Soldiers don’t march backwards. Writers stare at their Continue Reading →