My Letter to a Committed Anti-Catholic

Satan is a liar and it is he who, quite often, might confuse our thoughts. Thus my initial decision, to give you no answer, may have been tainted by his urging: for he despises Truth and wants desperately that we not spread it. But Christian charity or love moved by Grace, should not allow me or anyone else to keep the Truth hidden, though it seems probable that you have no intention of listening to it: Continue Reading →

Bilingual ‘Tower of Babel’ Worship

The United States was built by immigrants who often spoke different languages. Incorporation into our English speaking and Judaeo Christian society was difficult but worth the effort; as many will attest. My own stock was German-protestant by birth but they soon assimilated and became rather zealous and patriotic Americans. Catholic immigrants had an advantage over the protestant churches in as much that the Mass was no different than what they heard in their native lands. Continue Reading →

The Remnant Newspaper – Modernism 101: Is the Novus Ordo an Unworthy Sacrifice to God?

Modernism 101: Is the Novus Ordo an Unworthy Sacrifice to God? Featured Written by  Toni McCarthy Foreword by Michael J. Matt It is becoming apparent to this writer that many people, Catholics and non-Catholics alike, are waking to the harsh reality of what Pope Francis is all about. The next step is to help these same good people understand the harsh reality of what the entire Modernist revolution has been about ever since the days Continue Reading →

Are We Walking to Heaven Backward? A Pastoral Consideration of Liturgical “orientation.”

By: Msgr. Charles Pope Some years ago the theologian Fr. Jonathan Robinson wrote a commentary on the modern experience of the Sacred liturgy and entitled it, The Mass and Modernity: Walking to Heaven Backward. It is a compelling image of so much of what is wrong with the celebration of the Liturgy in many parishes today. While Fr. Robinson certainly had the celebration of Mass “facing the people” in mind, his concerns are broader than that. Indeed, Continue Reading →

Barnhardt on Veils

OH, THERE’S MORE. LET’S TALK ABOUT VEILS. POSTED BY ANN BARNHARDT – JANUARY 21, AD 2013 9:10 PM MST As I have written about previously, there is NOTHING that will send a lesbian neo-pagan heretic witch nun into a full-on conniption fit as quickly and surely as a CHAPEL VEIL.Which is reason enough, right there, why EVERY woman should wear a veil whenever she is in the presence of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. Continue Reading →

Barnhardt on Why Priests Must Be Men

WHY PRIESTS MUST BE MEN PART 1 OF 3 POSTED BY ANN BARNHARDT – JANUARY 19, AD 2013 11:21 PM MST I was planning for this to be the last essay I ever wrote, and since we’re into “any day now” territory, and since I’ve had just about enough of these lesbian pagan witch nuns and their “female ordination” horse diarrhea, I’m dropping the bomb. And yes, it’s a bomb. I’ve delayed on writing this Continue Reading →

Liberalism Favors Rights of Individuals Over Churches | Crisis Magazine

The secular media have an unending interest in things Catholic. A recent sampling includes a theology teacher allegedly dismissed for favoring the ordination of women to the priesthood, an announced lesbian (and, as it turned out, a Buddhist) refused Communion at her mother’s funeral, a music teacher dismissed from the Catholic schools because he planned to “marry” his male lover, and a priest disciplined by his bishop for refusing to recite the prescribed prayers of Continue Reading →

Sacred Language for Sacred Acts | First Things

It was just about a year ago that U.S. parishes began using the new translations of the third edition of the Roman Missal—an implementation process that seems to have gone far more smoothly than some anticipated. Wrinkles remain to be ironed out: There are precious few decent musical settings for the revised Ordinary of the Mass; the occasional celebrant (not infrequently with “S.J.” after his name) feels compelled to share his winsome personality with the Continue Reading →

The confession of a 7 year old convert: « 21 Century Pilgrim

Just over 4.5 years ago my entire family came home to the Catholic Church. It was exhilarating and one of the best decisions we ever made. Now, to be honest, my children did not have much to say about this particular decision. They were too young at the time of our reception and their baptism. Now that my eldest is 7 years old and actively participating in her own faith formation (at home & in Continue Reading →

What does Remnant Theology have to teach us about the Church Today? | Archdiocese of Washington

Yesterday on the blog we pondered that Mass attendance has held steady for Catholics at around 25% for at least a decade now and that there is a lot of coming and going in the number. So it is helpful to understand that things may be currently more stable than many of us presume. That said, as a Catholic and a priest I remain quite stunned at the decline in Mass attendance during my overall Continue Reading →

RORATE CÆLI: Terminology: is “Extraordinary Form” an acceptable name? And is it the official name?

Terminology: is “Extraordinary Form” an acceptable name? And is it the official name?.

The Admirable’s First Mass

RORATE CÆLI. His mother being deceased, [Blessed Ruysbroeck] kept each day in his heart his filial recollection, and he recommended her soul, by way of frequent prayers, to the sight of divine goodness.   From her side, she begged for suffrage, and presented herself often to her son, … and asked him to intercede for her, by saying: “O my dearest son, how much time will it pass before you become a priest!” …   Continue Reading →