AntiVatican To Host Euthanasia Conference | Ann Barnhardt

Well, that didn’t take long. Before we go further, let us remind ourselves of two things:  Jorge Bergoglio is NOT the Pope.  He is an antipope.  Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger is the one and only living pope.  This whole situation with Antipope Bergoglio is a result of Pope Ratzinger’s failed attempt to “partially abdicate”.  Since his attempted abdication was made in substantial error, per Canon 188, his resignation was invalid, whether he likes it or Continue Reading →

Pope Francis Refuses to Answer the Dubia – What Happens Next? (Pt. II) | OnePeterFive OnePeterFive10/26/2017 Written by  John F. Salza, Esq. Part Two of a Two-Part Series Part I – Part II In Part I of this feature, we saw that Pope Francis’ refusal to respond to the dubia issued to him by the four Cardinals (Brandmüller, Burke, Caffarra and Meisner) on September 16, 2016, as extraordinary as it was, does not prove Francis is a “formal heretic.” Rather, to be guilty of the crime of heresy, the Pope would have Continue Reading →

The Counterchurch: the Mystical Body of the Antichrist ~ reflecting on the words of Abp. Fulton J. Sheen

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen is one of my favorite personalities of the 20th century along with St. Padre Pio, Venerable Solanus Casey and Dietrich von Hildebrand to name a few. When Sheen spoke, people listened, as the old EF Hutton commercial used to say. So what did Fulton Sheen have to say about the antichrist and the evil that was beginning to visit us . . . as we entered the end of an epoch? Continue Reading →

World’s End Update. The “Last Things” According to Francis – OnePeterFive

According to Francis Sandro Magister October 20, 2017 In the important newspaper “la Repubblica” of which he is the founder, Eugenio Scalfari, an undisputed authority of Italian secular thought, last October 9 returned to speaking in the following terms about what he sees as a “revolution” of this pontificate, in comments by Francis that are derived from his frequents conversations with him: “Pope Francis has abolished the places where souls were supposed to go after death: Continue Reading →

Do Pope Francis and Archbishop Paglia Believe Hell Does Not Exist?

Image: Coppo di Marcovaldo, The Hell (c. 1301) Maike Hickson October 11, 2017 Read it here:

Barnhardt’s take on the filial correction

Quick Periscope Check I’m on pilgrimage, consulting with very wise, experienced and influential people.  The opportunity arose, and I jumped on it. I will be back to the Van Down by the Other River Saturday.  SuperNerd and I will try to do a Podcast then, if schedules align. A few quick notes. In terms of the Filial Correction, you all know what I’m going to say.  It’s great that people are DOING SOMETHING.  Wonderful.  You Continue Reading →

Have we been left to the viciousness of the wolves?

P.S. Is Bergoglio working to make it possible to pick his own successor? Also, it seems to me that you can tell alot about a man by those whom he holds close and promotes as opposed to those whom he shuns and demotes. From the Remnant:

BREAKING: 62 scholars correct Pope Francis for ‘propagating heresies’ | News | Lifesitenews

John-Henry Westen / Pete Baklinski Follow Pete Share on Facebook ROME, September 23, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) –  Expressing “profound grief” and “filial devotion,” Catholic clergy and lay scholars from around the world have issued what they are calling a “Filial Correction” to Pope Francis for “propagating heresy.” The Filial Correction, in the form of a 25-page letter, bears the signatures of sixty-two Catholic academics, researchers, and scholars in various fields from twenty countries. They assert Continue Reading →

Teilhardian Claptrap from the “Preacher of the Papal Household”

by Christopher A. Ferrara September 6, 2016 During Vespers on the “World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation,” Father Raniero Cantalamessa, the aged Modernist who has been “Preacher of the Papal Household” for the past 36 years, uttered this gibberish during his so-called homily: How long has the universe had to wait, what a long run-up it has had, to reach this point! It took billions of years during which opaque matter evolved toward the Continue Reading →

Articles: How Pope Francis Betrayed His Name

By Raymond Ibrahim When Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio became the new Catholic pope in 2013, he chose the name of Francis to indicate that his pontificate would be one of mercy and compassion for the poor and needy.  Such is the reputation of his eponym, Saint Francis of Assisi: “the man of poverty, the man of peace, the man who loves and protects creation,” said Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, as to why he chose that name. St. Francis Continue Reading →

The Vatican Advisors on the Climate

This answers alot of questions. What could possibly go wrong? Is the Pope’s conclusions a surprise? Or did he merely get advisors who already agreed with his own beliefs? I think it is self-evident what went on here.

The Remnant Newspaper – Don Mario’s Moral Mafia

Written by  Christopher A. Ferrara More than three years into the Bergoglian pontificate there is no mistaking its principal line of development, which is Francis’s grand obsession: the admission of unrepentant public adulterers in “second marriages” to Holy Communion, the “Kasper proposal” he has been promoting almost from the moment of his election. To that end, Francis has relentlessly put in place a kind of moral mafia to carry out his design. Let us meet Continue Reading →