A New Mission for the Church: eliminate the poor, normalize sin, make friends with our enemies and to save the planet

It seems Pope Francis has given a New Mission for the Church. It is time to  flesh out what I feel this New Mission is and why it will certainly fail on its own but also fail in the  fulfillment of its True Mission; the salvation of souls. Some of you may have noticed that I have put a new tagline in the site heading. I struggled to put into a few words what this Continue Reading →

Why Should I Attend Church with all the Hypocrites?

QUESTION: I do not attend Church because, as I see it, the parishes I’ve visited are filled with hypocrites. For sure, they are overflowing with those who profess Christian beliefs and virtues but they do not live as though they held these beliefs nor do they practice the virtues that they profess. I am better off just staying home and keeping myself away from such people.  ANSWER: Christ once spoke a parable that gets to Continue Reading →

Q & A on Confession

Question: I have heard it said that the Catholic Church introduced the present practice of Confession at the Fourth Lateran Council (A.D. 1215). If so, it would seem that Confession is no more than the present discipline of the Church and not a Sacrament per se. Therefore, the confession of one’s sins directly to God without a priest, such as Protestant’s employ, would seem acceptable. Why should we continue to confess our sins privately to Continue Reading →