Spiritual Warfare: Why We Are Losing – OnePeterFive

BY FATHER RICHARD HEILMAN ON AUGUST 23, 2016 In recent decades, we have seen Satan engage the world as never before. In all of human history we have never witnessed evil promoted so effectively, while virtue, character, and morals are roundly mocked and rejected. Meanwhile, it could be said that the Mystical Body — the Church — has never been so unprepared for and unengaged in the challenging mission of spiritual warfare. It is obvious Continue Reading →

What does a demon think about? | Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction

Q: Dear Fr. Fortea, what does a demon think about? A: Every demon retains the intelligence of its angelic nature. Demons know and inquire with their minds about the material and spiritual worlds, the real and conceptual worlds. As spiritual beings, demons are eminently intellectual; there is no doubt that they are deeply interested in conceptual questions. They know very well that philosophy is the most elevated of the sciences and that theology is built Continue Reading →

The Winning Strategy : The Integrated Catholic Life

The Winning Strategy : The Integrated Catholic Life. A hard hitting piece by Dr. Peter Kreeft on Spiritual Warfare, written about 20 months ago and very suitable for our times. We should never forget this and we should especially keep this in mind as we enter the Year of Faith.

Spiritual Combat is the Normative State of the Church

If we have a very modern view of religion, we might think that the best church is one where one enjoys a steady diet of fun-filled get togethers with others from their parish: what many call fellowship. It almost becomes the sum total gain of their church experience. Their non-confrontational stances are easy to accept and their focus on being tolerant of secular views makes them unthreatening to society as a whole. They avoid like Continue Reading →