The American Spectator : Covering Up Petraeus


What pitiful pikers Haldeman and Ehrlichman, John Mitchell, Howard Hunt, Chuck Colson, and Richard M. Nixon were when it comes to cover-ups. They didn’t even start to know how to cover up a crime. For that you have to go to true experts like the Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, and the head of the FBI, Robert Mueller.

These men, in possession of undisputed evidence that General Petraeus had lied to the FBI, did absolutely nothing about it except to cover it up. The DCI had — as we discussed yesterday — to have lied to the FBI about whether he had anything going on in his life that would compromise him. Not only that, but he had violated laws about protecting the security and integrity of classified information, and had used prohibited, not secure means of communication. He had also enlisted a colleague and lover, Paula Broadwell, in this effort. She, in turn, had broadcast the info that was supposed to be top secret to the whole world — itself a violation of law.

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