The Council Of Econe – Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum

Returning to our Predictions 2018 thread and our analysis of the Francis bishopric of Rome, a very significant post appeared on the Non Veni Pacem blog. (MUST READ HERE) The post is titled: Pope Benedict adds more evidence that he doesn’t consider himself retired, nor does he think it possible.

In the opinion of this humble blogger, it is this blog that is presently doing the most important critical analysis of the period in Catholic history leading up to, encompassing and post the “abdication” of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.

To be more precise, what the Non Veni Pacem blog is trying to establish is nothing short of the OBJECTIVE REALITY of the current situation in which there are two individuals, dressed in white, both residing behind the Sacred Vatican Walls. Objectively speaking, we know that this situation is not real in that there cannot be “two popes”. As even the neo-con George Weigel observes (OBJECTIVELY TRUE STATEMENT), there is no such thing as an EMERITUS POPE. (see hereSo by simply making an  assumption such as: Pope Benedict knows what George Weigel knows, one is required to obtain a thorough understanding and explanation of the “mindset” of Pope Benedict XVI, for the period leading up, encompassing and post his “abdication”. Bah, it becomes of the utmost importance.

The importance of these events are not limited to the Catholic Church either. continue reading –>

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