The Vatican blocks the site accusing the Pope of “seven heresies”

The Ansa says that the web page that contains the text of the petition would not be accessible from computers within the Vatican walls.

“The access to the webpage you are trying to visit has been blocked in accordance with institutional security policies,” it would be a warning on the PCs of those inside the Holy See who tried to access the “correction” site, , writes the press agency . At this time, therefore, no one inside the Vatican could connect to .

In the letter, dozens of priests and lay people called on the Pope to correct seven positions “backed up” in post-synodal apostolic exorcism by Amoris Laetitia and “through other words, acts and omissions associated with it”, labeled by the extensors of the document as “heretics” . Alleged positions that are not in line with the Catholic magisterium, according to the signatories, concern ” marriage , moral life, and the reception of the sacraments.” And Pope Francis, it is said in Correctio Filialis , would “cause the spread of these heretical opinions in the Catholic Church.”

The main object of the contention, in short, would be the statements contained in the Ariesis Laetitia regarding access to communion for divorced and repatriated persons who live more together . The same were the five “doubts” that were presented to the Pope by the Cardinals Charles Caffarra, Walter Brandmüller, Raymond L. Burke and Joachim Meisner. Through these assertions, the document reads in the summary of the document , the Pope would have allowed “directly or indirectly,” that it was believed that obedience to the Law of God could be impossible or undesirable and that the Church should sometimes accept adultery as compatible with being Catholic practitioners. “

Not only that, in the text, the signatories attribute the current crisis in the Church to ” modernism “, which theologically “argues that God has not delivered truths to the Church,” and “the apparent influence of Martin Luther’s ideas on Pope Francis “, In particular on” marriage, divorce, forgiveness and divine law “.

“Branch Correction” comes from dozens of members of the traditionalist universe. Among them are some famous names such as the one of the former President of the Ior, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi , the Superior of the Fraternity San Pio X , the Lefebvriano Bernard Fellay, by Monsignor Antonio Livi , illustrious theologian, historian and vice president of CNR, Roberto De Mattei and President of the American Catholic Lawyers’ Association, Christopher Ferrara .

No cardinal, however, chose to affix his signature at the foot of the document, although in the past Cardinal Burke had suggested the possibility of presenting a “formal correction” to Pope Francis if the Holy Father did not respond to the “doubt” on Auritis Laetitia.

The purpose of the correction, however, explained yesterday Gotti Tedeschi at La Stampa , is not to “give the Eyewitness to the Pope”, but to safeguard the “good of the Church” and of the Pope itself.

Alessandra Benignetti


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