Union Protesters Arrested Trying to Shut Down Traffic at LAX

Police were forced to arrest a dozen union members today after an Service Employees International Union protest around Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), which shut down traffic completely and added 90 minutes to travellers’ commute time, went awry. SEIU workers handed out fliers to passengers at LAX, marched near the LAX entrance, and ignored police orders to disperse at 1:15 p.m.

“LAX jobs used to be good jobs that allowed its workers to pass on a better life,” said USWW President Mike Garcia. “[N]ow LAX is holding back hard-working people and the communities around the airport.”

Actually, it was the unions holding back communities around the airport. The rage on the ground at LAX was palpable as Americans simply tried to get to loved ones for the Thanksgiving weekend. The union protesters overstayed their welcome on streets permitted for their protest, and occupied the major Sepulveda-Century Blvd. intersection. Two of the arrested were City Council candidates Ana Grande (13th District) and Ana Cubas (9th District).

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