Voter ID laws energized liberal base in Pennsylvania – Conservative News

HARRISBURG, Pa.–The controversial legislation requiring photo identification to vote in Pennsylvania was never enforced at the polls Nov. 6, with a court order delaying its implementation until 2013. But the uproar that flared up over the issue clearly inflamed liberal organizations and political operations, with most sources Human Events talked to here concluding that it helped the turn out for Democrats in the Keystone State.

“The issue itself energized the left — no question about it,” Lowman Henry, president of the Pennsylvania Leadership Council, told us during his group’s post-election summit here, “but because the enforcement of the Voter ID law was delayed, we never got any benefits from it on November 6.”

Since the Republican-controlled legislature passed the controversial measure and it was signed into law by GOP Gov. Tom Corbett, Henry said, “Voter ID became as much a rallying cry for the left as Obamacare was for the right. Liberal Democratic political clubs throughout Pennsylvania as well as many black pastors in major cities denounced it in no-uncertain-terms and clearly made a major cause out of turning out voters for the Democrats.”

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