What do you want to be when you graduate from college; “a political activist”?

When I went to college our parents were World War II veterans and survivors. They had seen very dark days of recession and and a world set on fire by war. They also were instrumental in bringing about an economy they helped grow and held to the moral standards of their forefathers, grateful for all that this country provided.  They took the opportunities available to them in order to recover from the horrors of war but also to excel and create a bright future from the ashes of the post war years.

So their values, though hard for us rebellious teens and young twenty-somethings to fully grasp, were (perhaps for the first time in this country) spoiled by our upbringing in secure and happy times where we could all (or most of us) be given more than they could ever dream of for their children: a college education and a real chance of success in life, something most our our parents were never guaranteed. If they wanted such things, they had to work hard to achieve it.

My grandfather had to work his way from a poor dirt farming family in eastern Kentucky (with 18 brothers and sisters) to getting a medical degree from the University of Lexington, KY. His parents had no money and he had to earn his tuition, board and room during semester breaks and try to make it last as long as possible. He was not able to reach his goal until he was 38 years old after much backbreaking labor and by saving every penny he earned.

My father as well, being brought up with this same work ethic had to bide his time to follow his dream of being a naval officer and thereby went to a prep school to make sure that he had the prerequisite education needed as his straight A’s in rural Kentucky were pretty mediocre as far as education went in some of the more affluent parts of America. But he made it to Annapolis and had a 30 year career in the US Navy.

So what happened to us baby-boomers who were born with a cheaper version of a silver spoon in our mouths? We did not need to work as hard and we had more leisure time than our fathers and grandfathers had to pursue our happiness and pleasures: and thus was born the Age of Aquarius crowd that chased our hedonistic pleasures. It was not, in many cases, a battle for us to get to college or stay there, as it was given to us by our hard working parents as a token of their thanks to God for their fortune and success as the fruits of their labor and sacrifice had given them. They wanted us to have (easily) what they had worked so hard to achieve.

And thus the spoiled seekers of pleasures did not have time for thanksgiving but only time to think of what was wrong with our parents and grandparents. We became rebellious, seeking drugs, women and song for our pleasure and occupying our civic thoughts with ideas of activism . . . whether it be civil rights, ending the Vietnam War, or simply to fight against the establishment values, no matter what they were.

I began to see a change after the Civil Rights Bill when the Black Panthers became a thing to reckon with on campus and the schools caved in and began offering courses in black studies. Then the women followed suit and began to push for courses in women’s studies etc.

Nothing much, from where I sit, has changed. We have simply changed the declared victims of discrimination and abuse and now we are overturning every generally held concept of civilized society that was held around the world forever: what it means to be married, to be a man, to be a woman, to be bisexual, transgendered, homosexual or transvestite. The left has adopted this whole New World Order that pretty much has turned common sense into the nonsense of the day. What was once right and moral, sensible and undeniable is now its opposite. As they say: ‘what was up is now down and what was once down is now up.’

Christianity and the values that underpinned all of Western European Society was being thrown overboard like the cases of tea in Boston Harbor. We became, and now we have become, a country with hundreds, if not thousands, of self-declared victims,  that know how to do little other than protest and teach activism to others. One look at the professors in most of our colleges proves the point that we have lost the ability to think but only to throw tantrums.

This new snowflake generation is getting markedly worse as the days go by; though I hope I am wrong about this. But the more I see being destroyed of civil society, traditional values and beliefs, the more dismayed I become. We are becoming a country that graduates young men and women (excuse me – we cannot contextualize people as being of only 2 genders) who know how to do nothing by the time they are ready for the work force. So they become, like Barack Obama, activists. They learn communication skills to help them convince others of their fights; one victimhood after another. If they are not good enough to be successful teaching then they march and if they are really good then they become Hollywood stars or politicians.

I have lived to see psychiatry grow from theory to a respected ‘science’ and had many of my classmates in college dive into the new fields of psychology and sociology. Not wanting to produce anything, they looked to form a critical eye (using scientific credentials) to tell us how to live and how we have had it all wrong all these years.

In the meanwhile, these denuded individuals have no real life outside of fighting for one cause or another . . . they still do not accomplish anything other than to tear up the foundations of our  society and our Christian heritage. So that is their purpose as far as I can see it. They are the human embodiment of the Lord Shiva who destroys all the best things that man has managed to cobble together since we emerged from our caves many ages ago.

For this, we give them credibility and they now have their own political party: the democrats. What they will do next will never surprise me. From infanticide, euthanasia, embracing ideas of borderless countries, harboring criminals, giving away tax payer money to anybody they feel deserving whether a citizen or not . . .  at a time when the country is spending money from the future of our grandchildren in their bleak looking future.

I don’t think things will get any better in my lifetime nor will it for my children until sanity is restored: meaning getting rid of these drug addled professors in our colleges and restricting college to people who want to actually learn a skill that will earn a living wage and produce some outcome or some good for society. Until then we are going to spiral into total anarchy as long as the lunatics are running the asylum.

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